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Monday, July 5, 2010

Yet Another Late Night Post.......

Hello Troops,
Another late night post. It seems like these 11:32 P.M. posts are the best I can do this summer.

I just returned from the school's roof. After spending four camps freezing to death on the floor in front of my desk (the room's air conditioner is set to 68 degrees to ensure the Phoenix and Odyssey are properly cooled) I decided to climb the ladder in the custodian's closet to access the roof and manually switch off the air conditioner. You're wondering why I don't use the thermostat? The thermostat was disconnected when the air conditioner was put on the net and controlled from the District Maintenance Office.

Last week's camp made all the difference. I got five hour sleep and the room stayed at 70 degrees the whole night. What really made the difference was the lack of moving air. A wind always makes things colder and that rooftop unit was built to move air!

There are so many boys on this camp I'm forced to sleep five in the Odyssey. They are all going into the 5th grade this year and get along well. It's a good thing to make new friends at camp. The only drawback to making new friends is all the extra talking late at night that a new friendship produces. After all, these boys have ten years of stories to tell each other as they find their place in their new Space Center Tribe. I can hear at least three of them right now through the closed door. I'll tell them to whisper when I go to bed.

The staff are a bit spread out as well. Three of them are sleeping in the Phoenix near me and the others are in Discovery.

This is our fifth EdVenture Camp. We've two more to go and one Leadership Camp and the season will draw to a close. Over all its been a good summer and I continue to hope for the blessing of routine and uneventfulness (if there is such a word). That is a camp director's dream - a camp with .....

I was just interrupted by one of the Odyssey boys needing to use the restroom. You give them all a chance to use the restroom before going to bed and discover later that some didn't take the opportunity when offered and instead choose to go one hour later. My experience tells me that some of the younger boys are a bit embarrassed to go to the bathroom when the bathroom is crowded with other boys. They wait until the room is empty and then ask. All is OK.

He just returned. "I got lost coming back," he said.

"I'm glad you found the way. If you were any later I'd have to send out the Mounties," I replied. He didn't get it. Again, All is OK.

Funny, One boy is talking about a dream he had about the Space Center. "Last night I had a dream that they put me in the wrong age group for the simulations." He didn't get a response. I think the other boys are fast asleep because he's not finishing the story.

Everyone is settled for the night. It's 11:50 P.M. and my eyes are trying to convince me to let them sleep.

Goodnight Troops. Remember us as you lay in your nice comfy beds, enjoying the peace of quiet of your home tucked away in some quiet neighborhood. Wouldn't you rather be here, surrounded by 44 kids and a staff of 25?

I've got 57 people I'm responsible for right now. No wonder I can't sleep some nights. I lay on my pad and listen for the slightest sound of someone attempting an escape from the simulator. I'm paranoid. It comes with the job, believe me.

Mr. Williamson

P.S. Update
It is 9:54 A.M. It was a restless sleep last night. The young man that asked to use the restroom wasn't finished with me. He woke me up three more times to use the restroom after I'd gone to bed. Later he woke me up again asking for the Happy Bucket (used for vomit). Later still he woke me up again asking to go to the gym to get his book. He was having a hard time falling asleep. The first thing he said when he met me in the gym before the breakfast call was, "I didn't get any sleep at all last night. I was too excited!"
"You and me both," I replied.

So, I'm working on a few hours of sleep today so...... I guess that's it. It's all in a Day's Work at the Space Center.
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