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Saturday, July 24, 2010

From the Imaginarium Institute: What You Learn from a Picture.

Hello Troops,
Today's economics lesson. Get ready to learn.....

What do you see in this picture? ________________________________________

Now, we look deeper for meaning (don't you hate it when your English teacher pulls this on you during your classes on poetry?)

Economics Lesson:
Socialism. The boys keeps crying and crying and crying....... louder and louder and louder until the other boy can't stand it any longer and gives him one of his drinks.

Communism. The boy stops crying, goes into his bedroom, finds a baseball bat and wackes the other boy over the head. He takes both drinks and tells the boy laying flat on the ground that he'll be all the better for it. From those who have to those who do not.

Capitalism. The crying boy realizes all his screaming won't make a difference. If he wants a Burger King drink then he can damn well go out and earn the money to buy one, two or twelve himself. He has a brain, two arms and two legs. Could it be the desire to work is absent? Well then the lesson he should learn is: Work and Want Not.

Class Over....

Mr. Williamson
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