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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Black and White Thursday

Hello Troops,
Imagination can be expressed in many forms. Digital imagination is especially effective because it captures a moment in time and presents it as a snapshot to the observer for consideration. The observer's mind takes the image and creates an imaginary world from his past experiences, giving a place and purpose to what is seen. Cloverdale is where I practice this form of imagination. I find it more rewarding than a crossword puzzle or sudoku.

For Thursday, I'd like to present three images in black and white I found recently for your consideration. Where do they lead your imagiantion? Who are they and where are they going? What are they thinking? What is the rest of their story we will never see?

It is for you to decide.

Taking a moment to listen to the snow? (Click to Enlarge)

You've heard of the moonwalk. Perhaps we are seeing the fist timewalk ever captured on film. (Click to Enlarge)

Music on a Snowy Day (Click to Enlarge)

And now, it is time to get to work.
A yellow bus will be arriving soon and then, watch out. All Imagination will break loose!

Mr. W.
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