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Friday, February 18, 2011

I's Early Saturday Morning at Camp. Time for Bed.

It's 11:55 P.M. Our 45 fifth grade campers from Cedar Ridge are settling down for the night. I finished typing their Rank Certificates an hour ago. They sit on my desk top waiting to be signed. Pandora is playing the Enya channel as I type this last entry for Friday ( or the first for Saturday).

A few of the male staff are finishing up a game of cards in Discovery. The rest are finding places in the Magellan to unroll their sleeping bags and bed down for the night. The female staff are in the gym. Mrs. Houston prefers chaperoning in the gym. I prefer it that way as well. If the boys are in the Voyager and Odyssey, I get to sleep in front of my desk. It's quieter, meaning I might be able to squeeze a few more minutes for zzzzzzzzz's before waking up at 5:45 A.M. to get ready for my Saturday morning doughnut run to WalMart.

It's been an interesting and busy week at the Space Center. Mrs. Powell's father passed away at the beginning of the week, Emily contracted some strange flu that put her straight down. The rest of us managed to keep the ship afloat. We were short staffed so we survivors rolled up our sleeves and mucked in to get the job done. Thanks to all those that went the extra mile!

OK, Pandora is playing something resembling music - a collection of sour notes played by two or three winded bagpipes, although I can't be sure.

I think it's time to go to bed.

Mr. W.
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