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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Chatter

Hello Troops,

We had a good Monday. I want to thank Alex Anderson for coming in with no notice to fill in for poor Emily. While we enjoyed a sunny warm day, Emily was under a dark cloud. She looked like death warmed over and was promptly sent home. We're hoping for a speedy recovery. Casey and Ben volunteered to come in today to make sure we are properly staffed for the two large classes coming for a field trip.

This is another example of the quality of people that work and volunteer at the Space Center. They understand our Center is a community effort. Each of us stand side by side to provide our visiting students with an outstanding experience. And when a musket ball takes one of us down, another steps in to keep the line strong.

I appreciate the extra mile everyone gives.

How about a few items from the Imaginarium to get this day started right?

Apple can improve anything. Right? It's all in how its packaged and sold.

Another high school event sponsored by the "Whatever Club" ruined by members of the "Killjoys". Any other life long members out there besides me and Spencer Merryweather?

I thought for a moment what a perfect sticker this would make and distribute. Think of all the places you could leave one? How about sending one to that High Councilman who kept everyone in a stupor for forty minutes. How about sticking one on your parent's bathroom mirror after spending an hour or so with them, trapped in the car, as they reminisced about their childhood and the lessons they learned that you somehow are not getting?

Or what about sticking one on the forehead of the kid you were asked to babysit for an hour or so. You know the type, never stops talking about things that make no sense. Oh and mesmerizing you with her full doll collection with accessories.

But then I realized I'd be sure to find one or two or more left for me by my math class and decided against it.

Have a Great Day,
Mr. W.
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