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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pure Imagination

Insanity or Imagination? Don't know, but wouldn't you rather see this rolling through your neighborhood than the 100 or so identical unremarkable minivans that bland our countryside?

And yes, I'd love to have the Addams Family as neighbors

Imagination is the guiding force practiced by those of us with the good fortune to be employed at the Space Center. It is the intoxicant that drives us day by day to motivate students to look beyond the here and now and gaze into the world of what may be through hard work, education and the spark of imagination, the very thing that makes us human.

Imaginists (my word for those of us that dabble in the art if imagination) toil to nourish the sense of wonder that provides the rich soil from which imagination grows. The fruits of which are seen all around us in our creations and the creations of our fellow travellers through this mortal sphere.

I challenge you to do every assignment in school and work creatively. Do it differently than anyone else. Put a bit of yourself into every task. Suddenly you'll find yourself standing out of the crowd. Opportunities will come because you took the risk to shake up the norms.

Of course, sometimes you'll fail. I'm use to flops. I'll take them any day over the mind numbing repetition of doing everything exactly like everyone else. I'll take the risks and the flops to create something from time to time that garners applause - but more importantly, something I can be proud of and unique to me.

So, to sum everything up, I challenge you to live your life so that you can say on occasion, "I did that".
That's the power of imagination.

Today I'd like to pay tribute to the creative work of certain individuals who have inspired my sense of wonder. Please sit back and partake in a feast of Pure Imagination.

Mr. W.

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