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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow, Again

Hello Troops,
My glance at the weather put me in a foul mood, and that's not a good way to start a day. Snow, yes it's more snow headed our way just in time for the weekend.

The only way to rescue the good mood I had is to see what's happening in the Imaginarium.

The first step in feeling much better about the coming snow is to treat yourself to a cupcake or two. Take these for instance from Dr. Who.

Let's not forget germs. With the winter comes the flu, bronchitis and the common cold. It is recommended you wash your hands regularly, or use hand sanitizer. If neither is available there is always a third option.
(and in the interest if safety, do not try this at home. Boiling water will burn you and then your hand will fall off. Just a note for those of you that suffer from a serious lack of common sense).

And finally, the best way to walk through mountains of newly fallen snow. Take this lesson from the Imperial Forces and the planet Hoth.

Have a Great Day Troops and don't let the snow get you down.

Mr. W.
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