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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Dementress. A Space Center Tale

In her natural habitat. A Form Never Before Seen by Mortal Eyes.
Exposed Today in "The Troubadour".

The Dementress
A Space Center Tale

And by her touch all joys disperse
and sorrow, by its nature leaps
to flood the vacant hollow left bare
in her passing.
The wretched's heart beats again
with a darkness akin to the depth of night.

Beware. She prowls hall and ship
for victims new and unaware.
The Dementress slithers nearer, nearer
her hand doth reach; One touch, not two.

Alias, The deed is done.
Her joy increaseth,
leaving in its wake
a melancholy enchantment,
to inhale another's final vapors of content.

We have The Red Blemish. We have "M, The Destroyer of Worlds". Now who is this, who prowls the halls of our Space Center? Who is this Dementress? She was there for the last Overnight Camp. She walked beside you.

She knows I know. She knows I watch. She knows to be careful. She will be exposed :)

Mr. W.

P.S. Yes I've discovered another one of our staff or volunteers with supernatural powers. Can you guess who?

And finally, an example of the pure magic of imagination from 1951. Enjoy the brilliance of early live TV.

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