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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Welcome Back to the Space Center's University Student Staff and Volunteers.

And from their dark lairs they emerge. Emily, Brittney, Nicole, Mason, Christine, Alex, Brent, Spenser, Bracken, Julia Anna and Stacy (and that one I'm bound to forget).

One by one they creep toward the light of day. Some, nearly blinded by months robbed of sunlight, stumble to and fro toward the smell of Autumn and the sounds of holiday cheer.

Just as Springtime comes with the release of Persephone, so comes holiday cheer to families worldwide when the Woeful Gods of Academia begrudgingly set their captives free. This short respite in the world of the living reminds these tormented souls that life waits for those who master the art of leaping through the hoops which form the barrier between worlds.

Divert thy gaze as they ascend, for their unnatural appearance rivals Medusa's.
Wait a short while before that loving embrace. Let the Sun and Autumn's crisp air displace the prison pallor and bring color to their skin and form to their faces.

Then embrace and keep them near, for their time is like a winter's day, gone all too soon. Academia will again sound its horn, and heed the call they must. Back into the dark and across the Styx, to roam the musty fields and marshes in a quest for life's meaning.

Hello Troops,
The Space Center's university students are happy their semester is over and finals put to bed. They get to experience the joy that comes from filling in the last multiple choice answer on their last final exam and walking away from the testing center to find the world a much happier place.

They may claim they are not just "Another Brick in the Wall" but they are. Let them not deceive themselves. They are a very small cog in the great machine of post high school education. They have been poked and prodded and grilled and flayed and then spat out for a fortnight, only to return to start the process all over again.

But, for a brief moment, let them leave their campuses with heads held high thinking they have 'stuck' it to the Man. They've earned their moment of Victory! They've earned the right to Be A Boss!

Welcome back to the real world! Enjoy your holiday vacations.

Mr. W.
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