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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Wilbur's Night Out, and Other Things from the Imaginarium.

The Wilbur and Blooms just learned the Space Center's Phoenix and Voyager Simulators are open during the holiday vacation. They've dropped their kids off for a 5 hour mission and are on the road to enjoy a meal at Pleasant Grove's Sammy's Cafe. After enjoying the Monday Grilled Cheese for a $1.00 special, they will be off to a Picture Show. The Space Center is a blessing indeed to stressed parents during the holidays.

The Space Center's Phoenix and Voyager simulators are open on a limited schedule during the holiday vacation. Call the Center at 801.785.8713 to make your private booking or go to the party section of our web site.

Do you see what's wrong with this picture? Isn't it obvious? These children are running amok through the streets of our town. This is what happens when children's minds are released for the holiday from the rigors of school. Young brains need to be challenged; their imaginations must be exercised. If not, well..... you can see the results for yourselves. This crosswalk sign will soon be down, then where will they go? Perhaps your mail box or garden flamingos will be on the receiving end of their mischief (and heaven help your Gnomes). There are reports that every blow up Christmas Lawn decoration on Center Street disappeared last night. It is hooliganism at its worst.

What must be done to restore law and order? May we offer one solution? Loving, caring parents will book a private party at the Space Center for their children.

The choice is yours, listen to their incessant whining or get them out of the house.

Have you wondered what is it about the Space Center that appeals to students? This picture sums it up very well. During the couple hours of a private mission, students join Starfleet and venture into the unknown to save Earth from both villains and the universe's natural dangers. It is a place where they are in charge. They give the orders and adults follow their commands. It is a place where actions have consequences and the rewards go to those who exercise quick wit and problem solving.

And Now, from the Imaginarium.

The Nirvana of Holiday Gifts for the Chocolate lover in your home.

We can laugh at ourselves at the Space Center.

One of the more frequent suggests campers write on our post camp surveys is - "Get Better costumes".

We've heard and are working hard to comply. Our old costuming department was fired and replaced with people that truly know what they are doing (above).

What do you think of our new Star Wars costumes from our new Costuming Guild? You've got Yoda, Jabba, Lea, R2D2, C3PO, and Darth Vader pictured.

There should be no more complaints about costumes.

"That was Easy".

And Now, A Public Service Announcement from the Imaganarium

Who Says Cigarettes Are Bad For You?
She's 42 and Still Feeling Great!

Its a yearly problem, what to get the Space Center staff for Christmas. Well, this year's solution has been found!

The Space Center runs on Macs. Everything about the place is Apple. We live Apple, breath Apple and dream Apple. Now, Finally an Apple product within our budget!!

Thank you Apple!

Merry Christmas Staff and Volunteers!

Mr. Williamson
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