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Friday, October 19, 2012

News, Ancient Picture of the Day, A Facebook Drive and The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
There is an update on the Space Center's renovation.  Check out the right side bar.....

I've got a great math class this year.  They are good kids, fairly sharp, and quick witted.  They enjoy a good anecdote served with side of sarcasm.  They're quiet (mostly), get their work in on time, and enjoy listening to my "When I was your age...." stories.  What more would a teacher want in a class?  Mind you, their attentiveness to my stories may be a ruse to avoid classwork.     

Today's Picture of the Day

  This picture was taken in the mid 1990's in the Briefing Room (Space Center Office).  A few things have changed in the Briefing Room.
1. Our picture of Christa McAuliffe hangs in the hallway today. 
2. The "USS VOYAGER" sign above the white board was there because back
    then, the Briefing Room was considered the Voyager's Briefing Room.  It was
    a part of the Voyager.  Voyager crews used the Briefing Room for crew
    meetings.  Think of the Briefing Room as the Voyager Captain's Ready Room.
3. Pictures of the Space Center's staff were displayed on a bulitten board at the
    front of the room.
4. This picture was taken at the end of an Overnight Camp.
     Back row staff:  Dave Wall; Odyssey Set Director.  Bill Schuler, still at the
     Space Center today.  Me.  Mark Daymont; current Magellan Flight Director
     and Space Center educator.  Jason Hills, volunteer.  Alan Steward (behind
     Jason) Space Center programmer.  Stephen Porter;  All around good guy
     and Supervisor.
     Front Row:  Ryan Davis; volunteer.  Luke Mattson; volunteer and Corbin
     Simmons; volunteer.
5.  We had burgundy colored staff shirts.

Overnight Camps started at 5:00 P.M. Friday evenings and ended at 11:00 A.M. Saturday mornings.  The campers went to bed at midnight and got up at 6:30 A.M.  Campers enjoyed an all you can eat pizza supper on Friday nights after they were briefed on their missions and trained to fly their ships.  The price of an Overnight Camp was $30.00. The Voyager and Odyssey were our only two ships. Things have changed, haven't they?

Space Center Facebook Page

Kyle Herring and Casey Voeks have opened a Space Center Facebook page.  They would appreciated it if you would 'like' the page the next time you go to Facebook.

They are asking people to post their pictures of the Space Center and post stories of your Space Center experiences.  They are afraid people will forget the Space Center if it is closed for an extended period of time.  I told them that would never happen - not with our die hard fans!

The Imaginarium

This must be one of the cars that speed by me in the mornings
when I'm working as a crossing guard on 100 North in P.G.  
They go straight through the crosswalk at 30 mph even when 
I'm standing in the middle of the road wearing my brilliant orange 
safety vest

A good education is the foundation of good citizenship.
Our colleges and universities must be affordable for your average
American.  That's my 2 cents worth.

What's for supper? 
Broccoli, Fish Sticks and Hot Dogs.

Double AMEN, especially with today's new math.

Found on a Burger King door.
Creativity: A

A dog house under the stairs.
Perfect for the dog named "Harry".  Max also I suppose.

Ever have one of those days?

Imagination: A

For every Force, there is an equal but opposite Force.
Are glasses a requirement for being on the Good side of nature?

Something to think about before you lift that
pack of gum.

Contact lenses of the future.  The Internet, with you 24/7.
I'll take a pair and tune out permanently. 

Imagination: A

An orphan from World War 2 receiving a new pair of shoes.
It kinda puts things in perspective, doesn't it?
Are we just a bit spoiled today?  

A creative footbridge across the Seine in France.
Creativity: A

In your neighborhood's friendly Bakery Shop.
The perfect diet killer.

A great way to get attention from street traffic!

Have a Great Weekend!
Mr. W.
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