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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's News and Updates. Plus, the Imginarium


The Imaginarium is in the process of covering the Space Center
signs with "Welcome to Reality" signs.
Our little corner on the Imagination market is temporarily Out of Commission.

Hello Troops,
I'm in my nice quiet trailer on Central's playground waiting for a parent or two to stop by to hear the great things I have to say about their child unlucky enough to be in my math class.  Not many parents stop, either out of fear (you know, the old cranky veteran teacher who started teaching shortly after the Bubonic Plague swept through Europe) or because I do such a great job keeping them informed of their child's progress that they feel there is no need to make an appointment.

I'm impressed with the new Common Core math our district implemented this year.  I was skeptical at first.  We've had so many math programs come and go over the years.  You learn to smile, take the new book, stick it on the shelve and continue as normal.  Not so with this new math.  The Common Core math program is well thought out and difficult (a good difficult).  Today's students in the Alpine School District need to really focus in their math classes if they want to do well.  The assignments contain several real world problems forcing students to take the math learned and use it in detailed, complex word problems.

I know many of The Troubadour's readers are Alpine District students.  What do you think of your new math this year? 

Let me offer a suggestion if you find yourself struggling.  Make an online visit to the Kahn Academy ( for help at home.  There are hundreds of small videos teaching you every type of math possible.   Khan Academy will be your life line.

Space Center Renovation News     

Sadly, no news to report on the Space Center's renovation.  Work has not started.
I get many emails and phone calls asking for information.  Many are frustrated,  especially those who had their parties and camps canceled, that I haven't anything to report. The renovation is under the direction of the district's maintenance department.  I'm out of the loop on this one folks, which is why I can't answer your questions. 

Any news I come across will be posted to the blog - so please keep checking.


Many of The Troubadour's readers flew in the iWorlds ship Valiant when it was housed at Thanksgiving Point.  The Valiant was built in a semi trailer and is pattered after the Voyager at the Space Center. It holds 16 crew and three staff.  The Valiant was moved from Thanksgiving Point to Park City last November.  It currently sits unused in Provo.  That may change soon. 

Rockwell Charter High School in Eagle Mountain has expressed an interest in hosting the Valiant at their school for the school year.  If all goes well, the Valiant will open before Christmas.  Rockwell proposes to use the Valiant for its own students, then open the simulator to the public after school hours.

I'll keep you posted on developments so keep reading The Troubadour for the latest news on anything Space Center related.  

The Imaginarium

And now, sit back and relax while we have our imagination's exercised at Wonderland's Imaginarium. 

The different accepted methods for holding a tea cup.
By the way, Posh means 'British upper class' in Britspeak.

Perhaps too much imagination in this. 

I would have been this machine's #1 customer in August and September :)

There's a sad story in this picture.

Imagine, a walk through library with simulated books on the shelves.
Scan the bar code with your phone and the book appears on your mobile device.
Creativity: A +

The Penquins are back, giving great advice.
I use their "Just smile and wave" example all the time 
when faced with a "New Math" problem I've no clue how to solve.  I remain calm, I stand up, I smile and wave and walk away from the confused 6th grader.

Star Wars and Dr. Suess team up on a new series of children's books.

Crime Scene investigation.
Imagination: A

A perfect Christmas gift for that balding relative or friend?
Imagination: B
Humor: A
Practical?: F
Still might be worth a try to disguise that thin spot at the top of my head.

The things you'll see on an evening walk through Wonderland.

Have you ever taken the time to stop and ask?

Don't be a slave to it.
There is more to life.  Look below.....

Last call for all those who want to leave...

A moment of perfect time.

The pictorial definition of "Jumping into the deep end".

Only one please.  Whichever you need the most.

A reminder of a simpler time.

Thank you for reading The Troubadour and your continued support of the Space Center.  Keep imagining; take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Mr. Williamson
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