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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Questions and The Imaginarium (To Lighten Things Up a Bit)

 We were so busy worrying about other things we totally forgot to celebrate the season's first snowfall.
A quick rummage through the closet and  I was ready with my Winter Survival Gear

Hello Troops,
Wow, didn't that past week put us through the emotional wringer?   It is time to move on.   It's time to take a breather and enjoy Halloween Week!!!  Dust off your costume, plan your trick or treat route and finish that neighborhood survey to find out who is giving out the worshiped treasure of Halloween, A FULL SIZED CANDY BAR!

Before we get to the Imaginarium, let me answer a few questions sent in by one of the Space Center's Supervisors.   My answers to his questions are in blue. 

Connor L. wrote: 

I thought the question you asked on the blog was pretty cool, so you should do some more, here's some of my ideas of a couple you could try and my answers to them:

If you could relate any bad guy from any Space Center mission to Darth Vader, who would it be?
---Dr. Marcus from Supernova, he's big and bad and soft and caring in the end.
          I agree. 

If Mr. Williamson were to come on a Space Center mission in a ship besides the Voyager, what mission would you fly?
---Red Storm Rising in the Magellan or Currahee in the Phoenix. Red Storm is political and Currahee is very basic, yet very complicated.
         Good question.  I think I'd go for Red Storm Rising in the Magellan. 

Which Space Center Mission could be written into the best book/short story?
---Mercy Strike, very cool, somewhat complicated and very interesting
         I'd go for The Children of Perikoi.  I was writing the continuation of Perikoi on this blog.  It kind of got away from me.  Maybe I should finish it now that I have a bit of extra time on my hands. 

If Mr. Williamson flew another ship besides the Voyager what ship would it be and why?
---.......I don't really know :)
         I'd go for the Phoenix.  I'd like to Flight Direct a ship where I could see everyone at one camera glance.  

Which Disney movie, if properly translated into our universe, would make the best Space Center mission?
---Lion King! We already have one! Heir to the Empire!
        Hummmm.  A good question.  I'd like the challenge of converting Mary Poppins into a Space Center mission.  I'd call that the Ultimate Challenge!  Any takers?  

Its time to put on your sneakers and take a walk with me through Wonderland's Imaginarium.

 Imagination Award for best toddler Halloween Costume

This sign gets an A for advertising.
Great imagination.
I'd stop there and eat, meaning it did its job.

An imaginative approach to decorating your Halloween pumpkins.

Another great Halloween costume

Scary and imaginative with very little out of pocket costs.

I don't get it and I don't want to try.

Question.  "What would happen to the Imaginarium if the Space Center were to close?"

The Imaginarium, 5 years after the Space Center's closing.....


I'd sell a million of these if I could find a way to get them manufactured.

Imagination.  A

What happens when a human gets involved.

At your local ice cream shop.
Creativity.  A

A family that Zombies together, stays together.

My mother's menu the whole time I was growing up.

"They" are always watching.
Beware of big government and bloated bureaucrats.

The scariest house on the street!


I'm the national office's recruiting manager.  Contact me for membership information

There's a mind bender!

The Halloween decorations at the Nearly There Retirement Home
A bit too imaginative.  Very true to life, wouldn't you agree?

Here, take my money!!!  Get me one of these.

If I had the chance to change one thing on planet Earth with a wave of a magic wand.

I'm on board with this.

Have a Great Halloween Week!  Now go have some fun.

Mr. W. 
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