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Monday, October 22, 2012

October is Nearly Gone. Have I Forgotten How to Start A Ship? And the Imaginarium.

Someone asked me what I do in my spare time now that the Space Center
is closed.  Well, I've found a new hobby!
I'll be at Lindon's Walmart Friday evening if anyone wants to join in the fun.

Hello Troops,

October is nearly gone.  The Space Center has been closed for nearly three months.  I can't believe the last time I flew a mission was May 30!  I'm worried I may forget how to start and run a simulator.  Let's see,

1.  Unlock the Voyager
2.  Turn on the lights
3.  Start my computer, then the sound system and the two sound effect computers
4.  Turn on the powered amp.
5.  Start the 2FX computer.
6.  Start the five DVD players and the Tactical computer.
7.  Turn on the lights in Decontamination.  Turn on the backlit panels.
8.  Load the correct programming on the Flight and 2FX computers.
9.  Load the correct flight program on the tactical.
10.  Run to the Bridge, start the Records and Science computers.
11.  Start the right Security Computer, then slide the plastic away from the
       left Security Computer and start it.  Slide the plastic back.
12.  Start the four computers on the Left Wing.
13.  Start the First Officer's computer.
14.  Start the four computers on the Right Wing.
15.  Start the Engineering Computer.  Turn on the Iso Chip light.
16.  Start the Telephone and Long Range Computer.
17.  Turn on the Borg Lamp.  Turn on the two side lamps
18.  Run back to the Control Room and do a Log In.  Hit the Log In button one
       million times.
19.  Do a Log On at the 2FX station and Tactical Stations.
20.  Test the sound effects.  Load the correct music.  Check the background
       engine sounds.
21.  Back to the Bridge to hit the Log On Screens for every computer.
22.  Back to the Control Room to do a System Reset, then Flash all the screens.
23.  Test the mic and the vocal mixer.
24.  Vacuum if necessary.
25.  Check the Crew Quarters.  Do a quick bathroom clean if necessary.
       Straighten the sheets on the beds if necessary.

AND I'M DONE.  There, I think I'm still OK.  I'm not as rusty as I thought.  I dare any of the Voyager Staff to look over the list and tell me if I've forgotten anything.....wait.

26.  Get the Iso Chips in their right configuration.

There.  I dare the Voyager staff to find something I've forgotten.

Have a Great Day Troops, and enjoy a quick walk through the today's Imaginarium.

Mr. W. 

Fast Food Movies

An A for Creativity!

                                                 A                                            B

I'm a B person.  You should see my fingers fly across a 10 keypad.
Ask any of my staff.  Careful though, they may get lightheaded as they
describe the spectacle.  I'm just that fast!

Alternate versions of the Harry Potter movie posters here in the

"Not very good," NASA responds.

See what a McDonalds can be?  Yes this is really a McDonalds
with a bit of imagination.

I curse gravity all the time when I trip on my untied shoelaces.

Imagination:  A
What a unique bike lock up.

I'm sure I've seen this problem in the 6th grade math books.
Yes, this new math is just like this!

Please tell me where I can buy this.  I'm going to go around my
neighborhood late at night and put them on all my neighbor's minivans
displaying the "other" version.

Somebody has found himself in the wrong neighborhood.

I'm convinced you'd still sell some of these because we
all know there is one born every minute.

And finally, how about an imaginative Halloween?

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