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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pictures from the Space Center's Past. And, the Imaginarium

Hello Troops,

Mrs. Houston stopped by my cozy white trailer at Central Elementary School two weeks ago with a grocery bag holding a stack of pictures she took years ago at one of the Space Center' summer camps. 

"Here you go.  You might want to post these," she said.  I thanked her.  She just made my life easier.

It's not easy keeping up a Space Center blog when the Space Center is closed and there really isn't anything to write about.  Everyday I think, "What can I put in The Troubadour today?"  The Space Center is like a ghost ship floating aimlessly in space.  It sits there, all locked up, vacant and in the dark.  No one IN the Space Center means no stories to tell.  No stories to tell means nothing to write in the blog.  You get my point, don't you?  That's why I was happy to get the pictures from Mrs. Houston.  Now I have something to write about!  Mr. Williamson is a happy camper.  If Mr. Williamson is a happy camper, then hopefully by posting these pictures, I'll be able to make you a happy camper too.

Jennifer Remy teaching the Apollo 13 lesson to our summer campers in July of 2002.  The Apollo 13 class was a favorite of our campers, our staff and our volunteers.  

July 2002.   Brady Young and McKay Hardy are putting together the life saving equipment that will keep them alive on their long trip back to Earth from the Moon in their crippled space capsule.  Doesn't Brady look young? 

"No!  It couldn't be.  That isn't a very young and immature Casey Voeks....... is it?" you ask.
"Why yes it is," I answer.

The photo above shows Current Space Center Flight Director Casey Voeks as seen in July of 2002 working with an unknown partner as part of the Apollo 13 lesson.   What about that shirt?

Many of you have flown with Casey either at the Space Center or iWorlds in Park City.  Casey is currently working on setting up iWorld's Valiant simulator at a school in Eagle Mountain.  In his spare time, he dabbles in real estate and substitute teaches. 

One of our Honor's Night in 2006.  How many of our current and old staff do you recognize?

Julie Collette in the Apollo 13 class.  July 2002.

Bill Schuler with his niece and the brave crew of the Falcon in the summer of 2002.  My nephew Brock Bodily is kneeling.  Brock is currently serving an LDS mission in South Africa. 

The Falcon was a portable simulator housed in Central School's cafeteria.  The desks and computers were inside the Starlab bubble.  Mr. Schuler and Mrs. Houston ran the Falcon for a time along with Stacy Carrell and Josh Babb. 

This photograph was taken during the summer of 2002.  Mr. Schuler and Mrs. Clegg were the summer camp cooks that summer. 

And finally, Chris Call.  This photo was taken in April 2002.  Chris was the Odyssey's Set Director for several years.  Chris was awesome - there is no other way to describe him.  The staff, volunteers and campers loved him.

Thanks to Mrs. Houston, there will be other photos to follow in future posts.

And now, the Imaginarium

 There is always one in every crowd you hand out with.  Who is the one in your circle of friends?

"Johnny, what would you like for dessert?"  Mother asked at his birthday dinner.
"Nothing," Johnny replied.

Johnny got his wish!

 I'll take a 32 ounce of Out of Control.  Wow, I'll bet it carries quiet a punch!

 I don't know about this.  I know a few people whose beliefs could be written on a postage stamp!

 Wow, think how far you've traveled through space since you started reading this post!
We are all astronauts if you stop and think about it.

I  always wanted a pet but decided against it.  Caring for a pet takes time and effort.
 Well, not anymore!
A stubby little vacuum cleaner like this would make a perfect pet for me.
 It just takes a bit of imagination.

This is just like a Flight Director with his crew.
How many of you have gotten scared during a Space Center mission?
Those evil Flight Directors!

And Finally,
An Imaginative Halloween Story.....

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