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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Lifetime Passes in 5 Minutes. A Must See Video. Time Travel. The Dwarf Planet Ceres. A Brief History of Star Trek. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     Stop what you're doing, set aside five minutes of your time and watch this from start to finish (no skipping around). It's stunning. Easily one of the best depictions of the aging process we've ever seen.
     This is Danielle – a five-minute video by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello, who set out to emulate the aging process by "creating a person."
     "The idea," he writes, "was that something was happening but you can't see it but you can feel it, like aging itself."

How Time Travel Would Work

Time travel is hard. Really hard. In fact, in ancient ages, most people believed that it was entirely impossible. Time was seen as just a linear series of events. Cause and effect– that was the order of things, and it could not be changed.
However, as our understanding of the universe advances, we come up with new hypotheses about what *could* be. As such, we develop more and more theories related to time travel. Here are just a few of them…  Read On

The closest frozen body to Earth, dwarf planet Ceres may be as promising when it comes to hosting life than the more distant moons of the gas giants, and in March of 2015, NASA's Dawn mission will arrive at the dwarf planet.  Read More

 What Happens in an Internet Minute

A Brief History of Star Trek

The Imaginarium
The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

The world beneath we rarely see, but it is there

Awesome British Barber

To be young again

My student Sawyer loves the Imaginarium.  This is one of his contributions taken with his cell phone

Another of Sawyer's pictures taken outside Renaissance.

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I have to say I find the "Obama sticker" one to be more obnoxious than clever. However, that's just my opinion.