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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Farpoint Voyager's Youth Club to Open at Renaissance this Month. An Assortment of Worth Watching Videos. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     I welcomed three new Farpoint cadets into our Farpoint Voyager's youth program this weekend.  Welcome Andy R., Kaylee G., and Cody W.  We're glad you've joined us.
     Renaissance Academy students will receive their first Farpoint Voyager Cadet Club flyer this week at school. We currently have over 70 cadets in the program, not counting future Renaissance students. Regular Farpoint Voyagers meetings will begin in two weeks.  Two meeting will be held monthly, one on a Thursday evening and another on a Saturday morning.  Cadets may attend one or both.  Visit our website ( for information on becoming a cadet.
     Farpoint will offer the usual merit badge classes this school year and I'm happy to report our usual teachers will join us at our new location.

  • Aleta Clegg will teach nuclear science and geology
  • Bill Schuler will teach aviation
  • Mark Daymont will teach space exploration and astronomy 

Information on the merit badge classes will be online Wednesday (  Current Farpoint Cadets, please check your emails toward the end of this week for news on our September club meetings.  We've got a great school year planned.

Mr. Williamson

An Assortment of Some of my Favorite YouTube Videos.

Train Derailed by Tornado

Concept of Scale with the Federal Budget

The Front Fell Off

X Travel NL Air Crash Commercial

Dancing Around the World with Matt

The Mieders Alpine Coaster

Quantum Levitation

Air Swimmers

7 Minutes of Terror: Curiosity Rover's Risky Mars Landing | Video

The Imaginarium
Crossing the Border from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Life always finds a way

A floor made of pennies

The American Burger at a French Restaurant.

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