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Thursday, September 12, 2013

English Spelling: The Pain and Agony. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     In today's language class my sixth graders and I discussed the never ending misery of learning to spell English correctly.  The i before e except after c "rule" was the catalyst of the discussion.  To them spelling isn't a necessary skill.  They know that if they can sound spell a word, their mental PC crutch will fix it for them if they spell it incorrectly.
     Tonight I'm feeling the need to prepare a lecture on pre PC life.  I want my students to understand how computers have simplified their writing experience.  I think I'll start my speech with some pacing back and forth across the front of the room.  I'll look focused to draw their attention and get them settled.  Once they're ready, I'll clear my throat and paint my verbal masterpiece. Using dramatic gestures and roll play I explain how we struggled in the dark oppressive age of typewriters and dictionaries to take our thoughts and ideas and get them written and spelled correctly on paper.  The unforgiving keystroke on paper will bring goose pimples.  White Out will bring gasps, and carbon paper might cause bouts of dizziness.  I hope to have them in tears before the lecture is over.

Mr. W.    

Space and Science News

If you’ve heard of Yellowstone National Park then, chances are, you’ve heard doomsday scenarios about Yellowstone National park. The 2005 movie “Supervolcano“ highlights how these scenarios generally play out: Yellowstone erupts; people are drowned beneath mountains of lava; a looming cloud of sulfur dioxide gets carried over the globe; the Earth plunges into a volcanic winter; we all die.  Read More
From Quarks to Quasars

As you can probably guess from the image up top, the BBC has released a poster image for the 50th anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor"
From Io9

From Hashem Al-ghaili
Add these two names to your glossary…

Further Details :

L#1 :
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 The Imaginarium

Narrowly missed a heart attack

Water conserved. Wash hands, waste water fills the tank

A real question from a university test.  An imaginative professor


Hummm. Will this work?

Very funny.  Think about it.

A breakfast machine

A fossil was found



Caitlynn said...

I kind of find it amusing how you used the wrong 'there/their/they're' in your English rant... It should have been they're, not their.

Matt said...

Did he use the wrong there/their/they're? Or, did he use the wrong one on purpose to find out the true believers in English? It all depends on perspective.

Anonymous said...

I think their all overthinking there teachers blogpost

Anonymous said...

Same Place but Different perspective from the starting position