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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Pictures from the Odyssey II at the Space Center. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
I'm home from another long day in the London Room at Renaissance.  It was test day for my three math classes.  Tomorrow we find out how they did.

Several of our Farpoint Voyager Cadets are on a Galileo test mission this evening at the CMSEC.  The CMSEC is training new flight directors.  Test missions play a major role in flight director training.

Another update on the new Odyssey II at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  Construction continues on schedule.  I know many of our Troubadour readers were great fans of the original Odyssey and looking forward to flying in the Odyssey II once it opens next month.  As always, The Troubadour will keep you updated on all Space Center news from all the centers:  Christa McAuliffe, Discovery Space Center, Farpoint at Renaissance and Lakeview.

New Pictures from the Odyssey II

Looking out from the control room into the ship

Standing in front of the captain's pedestal toward the back of the ship

Looking toward the front of the ship from the back left

Looking toward the back of the ship from the front main viewer area

Space and Science News


Science Summary of Last Week

➤ HIV Vaccine:
➤ Mysterious Structures:
➤ Mouse Lifespan:
➤ Cancer Vaccine:
➤ Moon Probe:
➤ Largest Volcano:
➤ Virgin Galactic:
➤ 3D-Printed Kidneys:

Are you happy with where you live? Find out who's not:

The E Class Mercedes

A video showcasing awesome engineering

The Aeroscraft.  Perhaps the Future of Air Cargo

This huge zeppelin could revolutionize the shipping industry. More photos here:

(SOURCE: Aeroscraft)
 The First Photo of Earth From Space
 This photo was taken in space right after World War II (24th October, 1946). A team of soldiers and scientists used a German-made V-2 missile equipped with a camera to capture this shot, from an altitude of 65 miles above the surface of New Mexico. It is, officially, the first ever photo of Earth to be taken from space.
Full Image:
Read More:

ChronoZoom: A deep dive into the history of everything

The Imaginarium
The Ordinary made Extraordinary

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will volunteers and staff have a chance to help build the simulators in Farpoint? I think it would be really cool if we could.