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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Wedding and an Engagement, There's Romance in the October Air. Proof that Space Center Volunteers and Employees HAVE A LIFE! A Huge Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
It's time for news.......

Mike and Stacy.  There is no turning back now.
 Stacy Carrell, Former Space Center Star and Galileo Set Director, Weds Brother of Space Center Friend.  Was it her Plan All Along?  

     Stacy Carrell is not a Carrell any more.  Stacy's last name changed to Harken on Friday when she wed Mike Harken, the brother of her long time Space Center friend and co-worker Rachel Harken.  Talk around the Space Center's water cooler led the casual eavesdropper to wonder if that wasn't Stacy's plan all along, to befriend Rachel so she could eventually meet her brother.  However, the facts don't add up.  Stacy and Rachel were friends and coworkers several years before Stacy and Mike really noticed each other.

Rachel Harken with Stacy Carrell at the Space Center

     On the other hand, why was this relationship kept hush hush?  At the last Sandwich Club (a monthly supper gathering of the Space Center's brain trust with a menu consisting of a WalMart sub sandwich, chips, pickles and whatever we can coax Lorraine Houston and Aleta Clegg to cook up) Stacy was invited to stand in front of the assembly and recount her engagement story in vivid detail.  Not once did she mention that her intended was indeed the brother of long time Space Center volunteer and flight director, Rachel Harken.  I didn't learn of his true identity until I went to the wedding reception last Thursday evening.

Rachel with brother Mike
      I walked into the gothic Northhampton House in American Fork and found the three of them together.  It was Rachel's parents who finally told me who he was as I worked my way down the reception line.
     "Stacy, why didn't you tell us you were marrying Rachel's brother?" I asked.
     Stacy stood next to Mike, squeezed his arm and replied, "You didn't know?  I thought everyone knew.  His last name is Harken.  That should have been your clue."
     I glanced over at Rachel sitting against the wall with a random baby in her arms.  She smiled and waved.  I asked her the same question.  She gave the same reply.
     It was then I realized one possible reason why Stacy had kept us in the dark.  Stacy didn't want her former Space Center friends and coworkers to tell Mike about the real Stacy we all knew from working with her all those years.  I knew that had to be it.

     Regardless of the ifs, whens, whys and buts, the deed is done; the Space Center can chalk up another marriage attributed to the simple fact that it was the vehicle that brought Stacy and Rachel together, and because of that friendship, Stacy and Mike's lifelines crossed. The rest is history.
    Congratulations to Stacy and Mike.  May they live long and prosper.  

Space Center Flight Directors Create A Disturbance at Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Disneyland.  Crowds cheer as Bradyn Lystrup Awakens Sleeping Beauty with a Kiss and Proposes to Sweetheart and fellow Space Center worker Jacqueline Wallace - All in the Same Day!  

Jacque and Bradyn

  Yes Troops, it is official.  Bradyn Lystrup proposed marriage to Jacqueline Wallace in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Friday afternoon.  Our sources at the park tell us that Jacque accept the proposal, which was a great relief to Bradyn and to Disney executives.  Imagine the damage to the Disney brand had Jacque said no - at Disneyland - in front the the castle!  The last time an engagement failed in front of the castle, it took the park's maintenance workers weeks to scour the soot off the castle's walls.  The black soot is the side effect of a magical moment gone sour.  
     Congratulations to Bradyn and Jacque.

     "Would Sir like a helping of ordinary?"
     "No, Sir would like a second helping of extraordinary please."

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