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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Space Center Spirit. Putting an Internet Tale to Rest. A Space Center Blast from the Past Photo. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     The Discovery Space Center opened in March. It's primary mission was to continue to provide the public with a Space Center simulator experience while the CMSEC was closed and its immediate future uncertain.  Now we fast forward nine months and see the CMSEC reopened with most of its long time programs restored.  We've come full circle thanks to the public's overwhelming support.
     The people of Utah now have two Space Centers to choose from - the Discovery Space Center and the CMSEC.  Next month a third program will open to the public at Lakeview Academy.  Lakeview has partnered with DSim and the Discovery Space Center.
     I'm currently teaching 6th grade at Renaissance Academy. In my very limited amount of spare time, I'm working with the school toward the establishment of Farpoint Station - another space education center.  It makes my head spin to think how all of this sprang from my crazy hair-brained space science unit written to impress my BYU professor during my student teaching at Central Elementary in 1983.  I hope the staff of these many space education centers never forget this program's humble beginnings.            This was all done for the students.  My end purpose was to create a cross curricular, exciting simulation based program designed to motivate students to dream big and believe anything was possible with imagination,  a strong belief in one's abilities, a good education, and lots of hard work.
     I want the staff and supports of all these space centers to know that I support all programs which use the Space EdVenture model we all pioneered over the last 24 years. Never forget that we are a community of Space Center enthusiasts.  There is far more that binds us than separates us.  
     Please join with me in celebrating everyone's successes as we venture forward into the final frontier.

Mr. W. (Bossman)

Today's Blast From the Past

Summer 2009 (?)
The brave crew of the original USS Odyssey pose for a photograph before launching on a mission
of daring adventure and intrigue.  We miss the old Odyssey.  She was a fine old ship with one
heck of a stubborn personality.  She was a favorite of Fortuna as many of her flight directors can attest.

Time to Put an Internet Tale to Rest

We've all heard this over and over again.  It has been circulating the internet for years.
 Now the Truth

The Imaginarium
Don't order ordinary, when extraordinary is available at a slightly higher price.

Happy Halloween

In a dentist's office

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