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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Weekend is Here! The Term is Over. The Children Panic. And the Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
We've had a few dark days here at The Troubadour due to extreme overwork at my day job.  This is the end of the term. Report cards disturb the status quo next week and there is a general sense of panic in the air here in the London Room at Renaissance Academy.  My sixth graders saw their progress reports on Monday.  "These are your grades unless you do something about them," I said somberly. Once I had their attention, I continued the lecture by painting a bleak verbal picture of their future if their zeros for missing work stayed.  

"Mr. Williamson, do I have to make that up," a few of  them asked.  I nodded.  Then came a litany of excuses: "I didn't turn it in because....[insert various reasons: vacations, sicknesses, the zombie apocalypse, imminent astroid strike,  fake illness brought on by forgetting to finish one's homework etc]."

I've spent the last three days reteaching and grading dozens of lost and found assignments. Things are looking up. There is hope!

Mr. W.

The Imaginarium
Time to relax and enjoy the simple made extraordinary

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