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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Halloween Mission at DSC is a Success. A New Farpoint Volunteer. Central School is Nationally Recognized. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
     It was a long night followed by a long day, and it isn't over yet.  I chaperoned the Discovery Space Center's Halloween "Dark Caldron" overnight camp last night.  A good group of kids for sure; all of them true Space Center fans.  One was a sleep talker and walker combined.  His conversation with the midnight air woke me.  I sat up and watched him walk away from his sleeping bag.  He stopped in the center of the room and continued his conversation.  I called him over.  He came to me and stopped. "What is your name?" I asked. That is my first test to see if someone is truly sleep walking or just scared and looking for a chaperone.  He mumbled.  "Do you know where you are?" I asked.  He looked at me, eye to eye but didn't answer.  "Go to your bed," I ordered in my chaperone voice.  I was lucky; he obeyed.  Well he almost did what I asked.  He stopped first to stare at another camper for a minute or so before settling back down on his own bed.
     Before going to bed the campers talked about how much they loved the Discovery's new Halloween mission, Dark Caldron. 

Visit the Discovery Space Center's web site for information on next week's overnight camp.  I'll be chaperoning again, so sign up and join me.  
     I left the Discovery Space Center a little after 7:00 A.M. so I could get to Renaissance Academy to open the doors for our Farpoint Cadet Programming Department's Saturday morning training.  I worked on school stuff in my classroom while the programming class met.  Later this afternoon I stopped by the Space Center to meet and interview one of Farpoint's new cadets.  Welcome to Farpoint Claire. 

     A few of our Farpoint Cadet Volunteers working at the Space Center this afternoon.  They're sitting in the new Odyssey.  In this picture you see Aiden, Sam, Scott and Claire.   Our Farpoint Cadets are the best.  If you're interested in becoming a Farpoint Cadet and volunteer to work in Utah Valley's nine starship simulators, visit our web site: and fill out an application.
     While at Central I took a few pictures of some new signage announcing Central School's national recognition as a Blue Ribbon School.  Congratulations to Central Elementary, my home for the last 30 years.

Mr. W.

Space and Science News

Did Our Universe Collide With Another When it was 380,000 Years Old?

Several theories have been put forward in an attempt to explain this asymmetry noted in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, one of which is the idea that our universe collided with another when it ballooned out to an incredible size at a fantastic speed. In the multiverse hypothesis, our universe could have popped into existence near another universe. When it expanded, it ran into the neighboring universe; the resulting collision would have left a mark (like a bruise) on our universe.

Via From Quarks to Quasars
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The Imaginarium
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