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Monday, October 21, 2013

Bracken Funk Schools Us at the Imaginarium - Meet his team at BYU-Hawaii. And Monday's Huge Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     How many of you remember the Great and Powerful Bracken Funk, Flight Director extraordinaire?

Yep, that's him in the green shirt briefing a crew on one of the EdVenture Camp's mission rotations from several summers back. Bracken was one heck of an all Space Center allarounder.  He was able to fly all five simulators with half his brain tied behind his back and very little sleep.  

Bracken plays basketball for BYU Hawaii on an athletic scholarship.  He is married and is the proud new dad of a bouncing baby girl (who stars in the video); however, being a fan of the Troubadour is probably the most important of Bracken's outstanding qualities, which makes him a true gentleman,  an outstanding scholar, a feared athlete and good judge of horse flesh. 

Bracken holds the rank of Imaginarium Imagineer of the First Order.  He takes the Imaginarium's mission statement to heart:  Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary.  Why do something the same way everyone has done it for the past gazillion years?  Why not try something different, more imaginative?

Bracken took the assignment to introduce the BYU-Hawaii basketball team to the school and community.  Using the skills he developed at the Space Center of thinking outside the box, Bracken took the assignment and did something extraordinary.  

Enjoy this new Bracken Funk production and meet the BYU-Hawaii Basketball Team.  Good job Bracken!

Mr. W.

And Now, the Rest of Today's  Imaginarium
Always looking for ways to make the ordinary, extraordinary

From a Vet

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