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Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Space Center Masterpiece. The Troubadour's Number One Company Perk. The Imaginarium.

"Memories of What Once Was and the End of Civilization"

Jon Parker's Photographic Masterpiece titled, "Memories of What Once Was and the End of Civilization" starts tonight's Troubadour.

Memories of What Once Was and the End of Civilization 
Taken by Jon Parker. Pixels upon Pixels
Available for Purchase in the Imaginarium Gift Shop

This piece of fine art was taken by Jon Parker.  Notice the fine composition and perfect blending of light and dark.  No wonder the prints are selling light hotcakes in the Imaginarium's Gift Shop of Wonders and Other Things of Interest located near the north exit by the Fountain of Chocolate Delights.
"Mrs. Houston and I found Mr. Williamson's old desk lamp and water bottle stashed away in a dark, dank, dimly lit, web infested corner of the custodian's outside shed," Jon reported.  "We think they were put there in an attempt to remove all traces that Mr. Williamson once worked here.  I rescued them, knowing that some day they might be worth something to a collector of Space Center memorabilia.  We decided to put them right where they once stood, on Mr. Williamson's desk next to the Voyager's low door." Jon paused for a moment to wipe something from his eye.  "It's a lonely photo full remarkable memories of a true giant in the Space Center business."  

"So this was where the great and powerful OZum Space Center Founder once sat and worked?" The Troubadour asked.  

"His desk sat right here," Jon pointed from several steps back, seemingly afraid to desecrate holy ground by approaching it unwashed.

"Mind if we snap a closer picture," The Troubadour asked.  

"Please don't.  Best to leave it as is and wonder from afar," he replied in a hushed somber voice.

The Troubadour attempted to contact Mr. Williamson for comment.  He was away from his desk in a quest for Space Center news.  

Discovery Space Center Staff Visit the Imaginarium and Discover The Troubadour's Secret Employee Perk

Jordan, Casey, BJ and Brandon are photographed standing in front of one of the secret get aways for those of us employed by The Troubadour.  Other companies have their ping pong rooms, saunas, and unlimited access to snacks as employee perks.  The Troubadour has something different, just to be different and keep things interesting.

"Why do you think we work here for the pay we get," Mr. Williamson said. They found him inside with his feet up on a table, enjoying a Dirty Diet Coke with a Mt. Dew chaser.     
The Imaginarium
Ordinary? No Thank You.  Extraordinary Please....

Europe at Night

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