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Saturday, November 9, 2013

This Week in Science. The Teacher of the Year? Dream Flight Adventures is in the News. An Expanded Imaginarium to Celebrate the Space Center's 23 Anniversary

Space and Science News. This Week in 


➤ New Body Part:
➤ Wound Healing:
➤ Insect Sex:
➤ New Language:
➤ Indian Space Launch:
➤ Habitable Planets:
➤ Milk & Cancer:
➤ New Shark Species:
➤ Six-Tailed Asteroid:
➤ Ancient Antarctic Sheet:

And Now, Why GOOD Teachers Deserve More.  
A Video Share from a Troubadour Reader. 
Thanks Nicole....

Dream Flight Adventures, Our Sister Space Center in 

Pennsylvania, Receives Recognition and Releases a 

New Video. 

From POPcity
Students today are hungry for a challenging learning environment that not only engages them, but also prepares them for the 21stcentury workplace. So what does this look like?

Two high schools in the Pittsburgh region are embracing innovative educational models that teach STEAM skills in creative ways. One is a classroom that looks more like a place you might find at Epcot in Disney World; the other is an academy for future video game designers.

At Shaler High School, students are stepping into an immersive, virtual world called Dream Flight Adventures where they embark on their own missions that take them into the scientific realms of outer space, human body or deep sea. Read More

Other News from Dream Flight Adventures

Shaler assistant superintendent honored for use of technology in learning

by Admiral Starblayze
Kara Eckert, Assistant Superintendent at Shaler Area School District, was honored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit for her use of technology in learning.  One of the notable examples of her work was bringing the IKS Titan simulator to Shaler Area Elementary School.  Congratulations Kara!

The Imaginarium Celebrates the Space Center's 23rd Anniversary with an Extended Edition. 

From Quarks to Quasars

Virgin Australia doesn't seem to be getting the ratio correct for cheese to crackers

An Apple Orchard

The school district would be all over this (inside joke)

Brilliant solution to finding a parking place

What kind of trap is this?  Where do you go?

Awesome kid. Great imagination.


On an Australian highway

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