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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beautiful Saturn, Acts of Kindness Video, Help Keep Syrians Warm this Winter: A BYU Appeal, A Puzzle that stumped many Harvard Students, The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
A beautiful autumn evening made the drive home from Renaissance enjoyable.  In tonight's Troubadour we see an awesome picture of Saturn, we watch a video on simple acts of kindness, Emily urges us to help with a BYU class humanitarian effort, you get to try your hand at an age old math puzzle (one I bombed), and feast at the Imaginarium.

Mr. W.  

True Color Image of Saturn Eclipsing the Sun

From Quarks to Quasars

Ladies and Gentlemen, after months of waiting, the new Cassini picture is finally here!

Taken on July 19, 2013, it is easily one of the most anticipated astronomy pictures of the year. While 1.2-million kilometers (750,000 miles) from the Ringed planet, Cassini once again snapped a mosaic of Saturn while it eclipsed the Sun.

All in all, the final picture is 9000 by 3500 pixels and glorious. NASA really outdid themselves with this one. All in all, Cassini took 323 pictures over the course of our hours and is colored in natural color. The picture shows an area about 651,591kilometers (404,880 miles) across. Read More

A Simple Act of Kindness 

From Emily Paxton.  CMSEC Flight Director

ATTENTION BYU STUDENTS (Or anyone, really):
Last November I had the opportunity to spend some time in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. It was a remarkable, yet sobering opportunity. While I took a lot away from the experience, one of the things I remember most was how cold I was! Luckily, I only had to endure the freezing weather for a matter of hours. The residents, however, were not so lucky. As winter approaches, hundreds of thousands of refugees are once again facing a long, cold few months with little protection from the elements. If you can, I strongly urge you to donate new or gently used winter clothing to this cause (see flyer below for details). If you can't get donations to BYU yourself, I'd be more than happy to help out. If you have questions, feel free to send me a message! Thanks in advance!

The Ole Ball and Bat Puzzle
Harvard students get near-perfect SAT scores. These are smart, smart kids. So they shouldn't have trouble with a simple logic question, right?
Try the following puzzle:
A bat and ball cost $1.10.
The bat costs one dollar more than the ball.
How much does the ball cost?
(If you answer ten cents, then you are wrong)
Read more to find out why you were wrong

The Imaginarium

Hello Extraordinary my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again....

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