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Monday, November 11, 2013

Space News. The True Circle of Life. The Imaginarium.

Meteors, Asteroids, and Other Terrifying Things

From Quarks to Quasars
In the image pictured here, the dots stand for the various objects that populate the inner solar system…comets, asteroids, and the like. The orange dots are the larger global killers. The blue dots are smaller objects that would only cause local devastation. The Earth’s orbit is pictured in green.  Read More

The True Circle of Life
We are the stuff of stars.  We hold our atomic collection for a brief time before nature calls them back and passes them forward.  This video is a beautiful union of science and art - the way it should be.

The Imaginarium
It is time to recharge your imagination with pure unleaded Extraordinary. You've been running on ordinary far too long.

Creative Street Art

I would like to have known Roger Bucklesby
He sounds like my kind of guy.

Just before you cash in your chips....

Funny Newspapers Headlines


What Magic is required to enter?

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