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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Troubadours to Rest. We Are Looking for a Few Good Oddballs. Gamma Ray Burst Hit 8th Century Earth? Did Aliens Write our DNA? The Imaginarium

Hello Troops,
     The Troubadours have spent weeks and months vigorously perfecting their performances on the various stages at the CMSEC, DSC and LAKEVIEW.  It is now time for these jolly troupes to take a much needed rest with family and friends. 
     This Thursday, the shire's many stages will darken as these bands of brothers and sisters feast on turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.  Speaking on behalf of all, I want to thank them for their efforts in entertaining and educating us with tales of heroism and daring adventure told with drama and song.  They have done well indeed.  

The Search for Troubadours 
Our stages are in constant search of Troubadours willing to work long hours for little or no pay.  Are you ready to answer the call should this quest land at your doorstep?  

No certified oddballs were used in the production of this ad.  The person depicted is a professional actor who was highly compensated for his work.
The term "Oddball" used by permission from the National Society of Oddballs and Eccentrics.
Connor L is an awesomely good sport, need I say more?  

Mr. W. 

Space and Science News

Gamma Ray Burst Blasted 8th Century Earth 
Another could strike anytime

From Quarks to Quasars
Cosmic radiation is constantly bombarding our planet, fragmenting atoms in the upper atmosphere as it does. Every now and again, however, vast cosmic events can have a more dramatic effect on our world.
Occasionally considered as having potentially catastrophic consequences, gamma ray bursts are amongst the most powerful single events in the known universe – so powerful that we can detect them from the other side of the Universe. Now it looks as if Earth was struck by one about 1,200 years ago.  Read More

Could We Prevent an Asteroid Collision?

From Quarks to Quasars
In its early life, the Earth would have been peppered nearly continuously with asteroids and debris. Today, the Earth still receives thousands of tons of matter from space, but this is in the form of microscopic dust particles. Fortunately, a large asteroid colliding with the surface of the Earth is very rare. Nevertheless, it does happen from time to time. You probably heard about the Russian Chelyabinsk meteor which hit in February of this year. It entered at a shallow angle at 60 times the speed of sound, and it exploded in an air burst. The size of this body of rock (before it burnt up and shattered) was estimated to be around 20 m across and weigh 13,000 metric tons. This isn't large by any means, but it was enough to injure over a thousand people and damage nearly 20,000 buildings. Read More

The Answer to Whether Alien Life Exists May be Hiding Inside Our Own Body!

From Science Gymnasium
According to a new theory, human genetic code is embedded with a "designer label" that may be an indelible stamp of a master extraterrestrial civilization that preceded us by many millions or billions of years.  Read More

The Imaginarium
Swapping out the ordinary and replacing it with the extraordinary takes so much time, but well worth the effort.


Two Photos which help you put things in proper perspective

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