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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Discovery Space Center Universe Video Trailer. If it Works for Disney, Then Why Not? The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     Think of Star Tours at Disneyland.  Remember the video you watched just before boarding the actual ride?  The video set the ride's tone and purpose.  It gave loading instructions and an explanation on the proper use of  the ride's safety equipment.  The Discover Space Center's video production team is creating something similar for use at the DSC.  They are working on a new video explaining the DSC's science fiction universe.  The video will play in the Loading Bay area on three large screen TV's. Crews will watch the video before boarding their simulators. 
     "The video's will streamline the loading and training elements of a mission here at the DSC," explained the center's director, Casey Voeks.  I asked Casey if I might share the first 30 seconds or so of the video with our Troubadour readers.  He hesitated because the video was wasn't anywhere near complete, but I insisted.  I argued that what the DSC was doing took the Space EdVentures experience one step further down the road toward a truly immersive simulation.  He still hesitated.  His refusal took us to the next level in the art of negotiating - bribery.   
     "You can't bribe me."  Casey was indignant.  He backed away from my open wallet so fast he hit the wall with a thud. I was surprised by his reaction.  After all, Casey is the Chairman of the Utah County Republican Party - an elected position.  Politics and loose wallets go hand in hand, don't they? I put my wallet away and approached the subject a different way.  I reminded him of the purpose for movie trailers.  Film distribution companies spend a fortune releasing trailers for their films to drum up interest.  The Mission Introduction Video (MIV) clip would do the same for the DSC's missions.  
     Casey thought it over and agreed with my rock solid logic.  So, without further explanation, I present the first 30 seconds of the DSC's MIV.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  

Mr. Williamson        
The Script

Fate, Destiny

Some say it was chosen for us; that history was never ours to control. Others say that it was karma..

In the year 2030 a rogue asteroid impacted the surface of the earth causing the skies to darken, and leaving the land desolate, unable to sustain life. 

In the midst of this chaos man looked to the stars and decided there, in the outer reaches of space, they would change their destiny.

Now because of advances in energy and technology, Earth is restored and mankind has expanded to 15 structured colonies and over 75 inhabited planets throughout the galaxy. We are more alive than ever before.
Fate Destiny
These words which once inspired fear, now inspire power. 

We are masters of our own fate, followers of our own destiny.

We are the United Colonies of Earth

The Imaginarium
Where Ordinary always looses the battle with the Extraordinary

If this doesn't create a time space portal, then nothing will

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