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Friday, January 3, 2014

Discovery Space Center's Holiday Galaxy Camp. DSim Films Scenes for New Mission. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     Last night I chaperoned for the Discovery Space Center's Holiday Galaxy Camp.  Galaxy Camps last three days and two nights.  I'll be back tonight for round two.  
     The night went very well; the kids were fantastic, well behaved, and intelligent.  Several of the boys debated the question of Star Trek vs. Star Wars while they ate their bedtime snack of  cookies and hot chocolate.  Carter asked for my opinion on the issue at hand.  "StarGate," I replied.  They gave me a confused look before taking a sip of chocolate and continuing.  
     "Just think about it.  You've got this stick that lights up for a weapon.  A phaser could easily disintegrate that light saber, so Star Trek is better," one boy reasoned.  
     The other shot back. "A Jedi could use the force to take the weapon away before it got fired." The debate raged on until bedtime.  I told them to stop for the night.  During the night they could dream up some new things to say to support their argument. 
     One young teen saw me sitting at a table with some of the other staff.  She walked over to the table carrying a hand made book and pen.  "Mr. Williamson," she asked.  She held out a handmade book. I recognized the cover picture from my Troubadour story, An Enemy From the Dark. "Can I have your autograph?" 
     "Wow, somebody is actually reading it." I took the book and pen and signed the front cover.  
     She smiled.  "I'm in love with Captain Carick," 
     I didn't understand her at first. "What did you say?"
     She took the book and looked longingly at the picture of the USS Voyager's Cadet Captain Carick on the front cover.  "I'm in love with Captain Carick." 
     Bradyn saw my shocked expression. "Is that the first time someone's asked for your autograph?"  
     "Yep," I replied thinking how awesome it was that someone was in love with a character created out of my imagination.   
     Todd Rasband knew I was always looking for things to right about in The Troubadour.  "I'll bet this gets in Blog," he interjected.   
     I thought for a moment before lying.  "No, that would be bragging and I never brag about my work." 
     To the young teen on the Galaxy Camp, thank you for making my day.

Mr. W.

DSim Films Several New Story Scenes for Checkmate, a New Mission Written By BJ Warner.
     BJ Warner sent a few pictures taken yesterday during the filming of a few tactical scenes for Checkmate, a new DSim, DSC, and Lakeview simulation mission.
     Checkmate is a thrilling game of mental chess with a new and noteworthy villain of the Colonial Command universe. He pits man against himself with puzzles, games and moral decisions. More on the mission can be found on the DSC website.
     The people in the shoot were Robert (acting as this mission's Admiral, dressed to give the mission briefing) Steven Stufflebeam (our sound man and visual director), Andrew Mallory (the expert camera operator and overall movie master), Jordan Winger (acting as one of our news reporters and stage hands), BJ (writer and director) and Johnny Call (staring as the Chess Master).  Be sure to get a group of friends together and go on this new mission!  

Friday's Imaginarium
No one said it would be easy to make the ordinary, Extraordinary.

Really?  Does IKEA really think Americans are that stupid?

Great Quotes from Great People to Start your New Year

A sign in the doorway of a home for their kid's friends.

An unusually dressed Shepard.

Imaginative "Slippery When Wet" sign.
 A Real Hobbit 'like' Home

The World going down the drain. Street Art

Europe, North Africa as the years changed.

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