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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Space and Science News. The Imaginarium

Space and Science News

What do the Coming Years Hold for NASA?

From Quarks to Quasars
Science, especially modern science, has been advancing at an astonishing rate. Within the last century, we have discovered that the Milky Way is one galaxy in a sea of billions, and within the last 20 years, we have confirmed the existence of a thousand exoplanets (with a few thousand more in the works). These observations have fundamentally changed our perception of the universe and our place in it. Within the next 30 years, NASA hopes to answer one of humanity’s oldest questions, “are we alone?”  Read More

The H1N1 Flu Virus.  A 3D Model

Hashem AL-ghaili

Check out this little monster. This is the most detailed 3D model of the entire A/H1N1 virus, better known as the common flu. Created by Visual Science, in collaboration with virologists from the National Center for Biotechnology in Madrid.

Carbon Aerogel

Hashem AL-ghaili

The ultra-light substance, called carbon aerogel, has a density of 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter. One sixth of the substance is air. It's made of granite and carbon nanotubes and can absorb up to 900 times its own body weight.

Further Details :
Image Credit : Zhejiang University, China

Star Wars Style 3D Hologram Phones Coming

Star Wars-style 3D hologram phones could  be a reality, as a Polish firm is working on such a system that could allow users to see 3D hologram images of the receiver.
Leia Display Systems, named after the Star War's heroine, intends to take the video phone call feature to its next level.
According to Mirror, to make a call, a person is required to sit in front of a high tech camera having two lenses and a microphone, which generate two images that are blended together and streamed through the internet to the person on the other end of the line.
The images are then received on a hologram machine and projected onto a screen of water vapor

The Imaginarium
The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

Noah's Dalaks.  Yum Yum....

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