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Friday, January 24, 2014

The DSC's Endeavor Simulator Reopens After Refit. The DSC's Newest Staff Member and Mascot. The Imaginarium.

Pleasant Grove's Discovery Space Center Announces the Reopening of their Endeavor Simulator

     I stopped at the Discovery Space Center on my way home from Renaissance Academy this afternoon to check on the Endeavor simulator's progress.  Casey Voeks, Director of the DSC, had good news to report.  The Endeavor is officially reopened for business.  The long awaited refit is complete - minus one lighting effect in transit.
     I took a few pictures in natural lightening (my iPad doesn't have a flash so I make do).

     The captain's chair is on the lower level.  To the left of the captain are the Endeavor's two new touch screen computer stations.  Above, and to the left and right of the touch screens are white plastic wall mounted panels.  Casey explained their functionality.  "These three panels are for a really cool rainbow lighting effect.  I can't show you because we're waiting for them to be delivered."  

     Behind the captain are two stations: engineering on the left, first officer on the right.

     The Endeavor's Engineering Station has new buttons and switches.  Pipes and valves add an additional touch of reality making for some fun mission elements.

      Four stations form a half circle in front of the captain's chair.  The stations are lit from below. The simulator's main viewer draws everyone's attention to the front of the bridge.
     Contact the Discovery Space Center to book a mission on the new Endeavor.

The Discovery Space Center's Newest Staff Member (and Mascot).

     BJ Warner is seen above holding Sherlock, the Discovery Space Center's newest staff member and mascot.  Sherlock is an Old English Sheep Dog recently adopted (purchased) by BJ Warner.  BJ found Sherlock in Arkansas.  He flew there this week and picked him up.
     "Who says you can't buy friendship?" BJ chuckled.
     Sherlock is available for petting with advanced notice and you will need an appointment.  Contact BJ Warner for more information - and do it fast, Sherlock is booked out for weeks to come!

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