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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Madame Tussaunds of London and the Discovery Space Center. New Lighting in the Room of Special Purposes. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     This evening I stopped by the Discovery Space Center on my way home from Renaissance Academy to check out a Facebook rumor that very cool changes were afoot.  I wasn't disappointed in what I found.

For Fun....
     The Discovery Space Center took delivery of a wax dummy of Casey Voeks created by Madame Tussauds of London's master waxsmiths.  I was amazed at the craftsmanship.  Everything about it seemed so lifelike!  What people do with wax these days is amazing.  To be truthful, it was so lifelike, I walked right up to it and said, "So, what's up?"
     Boy, did I feel the fool when Casey popped out from behind the desk and shouted, "Fooled Ya!"  Darn that Casey.....
     Casey explained that his wax likeness frees him from being on duty at the DSC all the time.  "A guy's got to have some time for himself," he explained.  "Having this here comforts the staff and cuts down on mischief.  You see.." Casey paused and took out the dummy's left eye.  A wire connected the eye to something deep inside the head. "this eye's a camera.  It's connected to the internet.  I can see what's happening here 24/7 from anywhere.  The staff know that.  It keeps everyone in line.  Isn't this awesome!"
     "Cool uniform," I said.  "Where did you get it?"
     "It's our new staff uniform.  Look spacey enough?"
    Discovery Space Center's new staff uniforms look Battlestar Galactic-ish.  They're very smart and come in different colors.
For Real...
     The DSC staff have new uniforms.  Casey Voeks is seen modeling one of them in the photo above.
I think they're very good and affordable.  Style at the right price - the Space EdVentures motto.


     The DSC's Room of Special Purposes has newly installed blue ceiling accent lighting.  Red will come next.  The wall mounted TV's are in place and a large model of the space shuttle will be hung at the front of the room near the entrance to the Atlantis.  A smoke machine mounted inside the shuttle will provide the shuttle's exhaust when the arriving crew counts down to zero before boarding their ships.
     There are wonderful things happening at Pleasant Grove's Discovery Space Center.  Be sure to book your private mission and camp soon.

Mr. W      
The Imaginarium
The Ordinary to Extraordinary in a few short minutes

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