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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Infini D - Changing the World of Education. The USS Valiant and USS Titan at the STEM Festival. The Imaginarium Theater. The Imaginarium

Infini D 
The New Parent Company for Discovery Space Center

Infini D is the new experiential education company which powers Canyon Grove Academy's Discovery Space Center, Lake View Academy's Leo Simulator, and Merit Academy's Space Center. InfiniD officially launched last week at the South Town Expo Center's STEM Festival.  Skyler Carr, Casey Voeks, and Brandon Wright founded the company. You remember them as the creative geniuses behind the Discovery Space Center.  

You're probably thinking "here we go again, another simulator company. Don't we have enough of them?" Let me explain; Infini D is NOT another "simulator" company in the classic sense you're familiar with.  It's founders have embraced a philosophy I've championed and demonstrated for with both the Magellan simulator at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center and the new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy. Existing computer labs and carts, with the right curriculum and essential software, can be modified to take students on learning adventures covering all aspects of the state core curriculum: space ships - YES. submarines? YES. time machines? YES. The limits of the human imagination are the only limiting factor.  

Infini D is creating learning scenarios and simulations which can be dropped into classrooms and computer labs.  I'll let Infini D's web site explain:  


INFINI D Learning provides students with the opportunity to creatively apply what they learn in the classroom. Through game-like simulation modules, engaging team missions, and immersive environments; each students’ mastery of classroom instruction is put to the test in a variety of subject areas with innovative technical and social skill training. What a teacher has access to when they utilize an INFINI D Lab is a revolutionary program that keeps teachers involved in the learning process, allows them to teach their own lessons, and brings the subject matter to life like never before.

Today, INFINI D Learning is much more than after-school space camps and simulated interstellar adventures. Simulations are built around a variety of different curriculum topics, allowing teachers the power to enhance classroom instruction all year long.


Infini D will create learning simulations in four different areas:

 The Company's History

The year was 1983. In a suburb far far away, an elementary science teacher named Victor Williamson unknowingly decided to change the world. At the time, his goal was to impress his university professor with a new way to engage students in science. Armed with a boom box, overhead projector, and poster board controls, Mr. Williamson took his 6th grade students on several  intergalactic voyages they would never forget. He had no idea what it would eventually grow into.

As the years went by Mr. Williamson continued to take his students, as well as tens of thousands of others from around Utah and the world, on amazing scientific adventures. As technology improved, so did his ability to reach more students with his immersive simulations. His years of work eventually led to the development of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center as well as the Discovery Space Center. These award-winning centers have provided field trips and camps to the surrounding schools and community at large and have reached nearly 500,000 students.

Teachers that have had the opportunity to go on a space center field trip have seen the incredible impact this form of experiential learning has had on their students. Many of these teachers began requesting the development of programs that could be run on-site many times throughout the year to help them generate interest and engage their students more fully in the subject matter. In 2013, we took the expertise gained in changing thousands of students’ lives through these amazing centers and began piloting the very first integrated school simulation program. That program has now grown to encompass nearly every curriculum standard imaginable and is accessible through the simple and affordable INFINI D Lab setup. By using (with some simple upgrades) the existing computer lab infrastructure in schools, we can bring powerful experiential learning and problem solving to more students and more subjects than ever before.  

Mr. Williamson often quotes the late Carl Sagan when he speaks of our united vision; "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known".  Infini D, along with it's partnering schools and institutions, will encourage and motivate today's students to search out that something in their own field of interest. 

We live in the greatest age of discovery. It is time to envision Infini D.

iWorlds' USS Valiant is Back!

 InfiniD at the Utah STEMfest

Look at the crowds waiting to get into one of InfiniD's two mobile simulators at last week's STEMfest at the South Town Expo Center 

Utah's students weren't the only ones wanting to journey to the stars. Governor Herbert visited the USS Valiant along with Ms. America.

Brandon Wright with Ms.America.  She had to be the captain with a crown like that!

 InfiniD's officers were on hand to both teach and direct short three minute missions in the Valiant and Titan simulators. 

Skyler Carr explains the simulation to a group of waiting students

And take a look at this. Casey Voeks was there to personally escort my Renaissance Academy students on their journey to space.  Thanks Casey!

Brooks Heder, another former student of mine from Central Elementary School, works for InfinD.  The company is staffed with very talented individuals.  

The interior of the USS Valiant.
Dave Moon, Shelley Ellington and I designed the Valiant. I was a partner in iWorlds back in the day. Dave Moon built the ship. Welcome back Valiant!

The missions were a great success.  I'm told 20,000 students went through the program. 

We have so much to be proud of as a Space Center community. I hope you will join me in celebrating the launch of Infini D by liking their Facebook page and messaging them your congratulations and best wishes for success. 

Mr. Williamson 

It Is Time for the Awesome Theater Imaginarium - the Best of the Week's Shorts

The Imaginarium


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