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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Work on Renaissance Academy's USS Voyager Continues. The Voyager's New Engineering Core. Theater Imaginarium.

Alex testing the Voyager's SmokeBlaster 2000. All breathable air disappeared moments after the machine was activated.
Work on the USS Voyager Continues

Hello Troubadours!

     Nobody ever said building a state of the art, multi gazillion dollar ship would be easy - and it hasn't. Despite a series of potholes and detours, the Voyager project continues a steady course forward down the road under the steady hand of Mr. Ursic of Renaissance Academy, Alex Anderson - the Voyager's new project manager,and Alex's partners in the creative arts: Matt Ricks and Isaac Ostler. My job is to tend my 70 sixth graders, run the Voyager Club, and work with Emily Paxman to train a new crop of Voyager flight directors at Renaissance Academy's Flight Director Academy. 
     For the most part, I stay out of Alex's way. Mind you, I'm excellent at offering encouragement and am always ready to supply the team with copious amounts of sugar when needed.  Other than that, I'm useless when it comes to building and technology. My skills will come into play the day Alex walks into my classroom and says, "She's all yours."  
     Don't get discouraged because of the time it has taken to build the Voyager. Great things take time if you want them done right, and we want the Voyager done right.  She will have technology never before used in any simulator. She will be complicated to fly, but with that level of difficulty, comes a plethora of storytelling tools to make flight directing the funnest job in the world (except tending pandas of course).   

The last known sighting of Matt Ricks before disappearing in several layers of fog spewed out by the Voyager's SmokeBlaster 2000.

Alex and Matt installing a camera in the Voyager's Transition Room (the room of requirement)
Matt perfecting his high wire act. Installing cameras is a real pain in the upper arms
I love the Voyager's hallways
Alex threading the eye of the server

The Voyager engineering room's monitor was installed on Saturday
The Voyager Sick Bay monitor was also installed on Saturday
 One of Saturday's tasks was to install TV monitors in the Voyager's Sickbay and Engineering Rooms.  The monitors will display readouts from either a Raspberry Pie or a Mac Mini computer. The monitors can display information from the control room or show the feed from the ship's bridge tactical screen. 

The Voyager's Engineering Core Takes Shape

     Alex and Larry Debirk make one heck of a father and son team. Both are engineers by profession and dedicated Space Center fans.  Two Saturdays ago, they began installing the USS Voyager's engineer core in the bridge engineering room. The core is their gift to the Voyager. The donation of time and materials is greatly appreciated.   

     Once finished, the core will have several switch panels covering the panels of the multi-faced core base.  Rising from the base will be an opaque cylinder lit from within by a pulsing LED rope light. Think of Dr. Who's Tardis controls and you'll understand the effect we're after.

      Alex Debirk designed the new USS Voyager. The pride he takes in the simulator is evident in his continued efforts to ready the ship for opening day.  
     Renaissance Academy will have the finest ship in the fleet. The Voyager will complement the school's ongoing mission to education young minds through experiential education. Renaissance Academy is committed to providing the families of northern Utah County a choice when it comes to their children's education. The school is staffed with outstanding educators who support the school's vision. The staff are excited to have the Voyager in their building and anxious to have their students involved.  
     We honor the Voyager I with every nail and screw put into the Voyager II. You can feel the spirit of the Voyager in the new Voyager's halls and rooms.  It draws you in emotionally. Your spirit of wonder won't let you leave without a struggle. You want to sit, launch, and set course for one of those points of light in the night sky. It has a magic unto itself.  
Mr. Williamson

Theater Imaginarium

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