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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Space Center Honors. The Imaginarium.

A Few Space Center Honors

The Space Center held an Honor's Night in January.  Actually it was an Honor's Afternoon, but what's in a name? A rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. What that has to do with a Space Center honor's event is beyond my pay grade.

Many of the Space Center staff gathered before the honor's celebration to listen to Space Center Director James Porter. He spoke about the need for attentiveness to the task on hand. He spoke about being in the moment. He spoke about listening, paying attention, being respectful.  

The relevance of the topic was easily apparent :)
Truthfully, they're a great bunch. You'd have to travel several blocks before finding another collection of pure creative genius :)

This is where I'm going to get myself into trouble, so if I get a name wrong, please send a correction.
Galileo Set Director Erin gave Audrey her Galileo pass.  Erin was in true form that day. If you're the set director of the Space Center's smallest simulator, you should always dress if power colors. Don't you agree?

This is Jordan Smith congratulating Scott on getting his Phoenix 2nd chair pass.  Scott was rushed to the hospital afterwards to have his right hand x-rayed.  
"I've got a good grip," Jordan explained to Mr. Porter. "I sometimes forget to take it easy when I shake hands. It's my microphone hand you see."  

Audrey stole the show by getting double the honors as anyone else.  Here she is getting an Odyssey pass from Natalie Anderson.

Mr. Porter was pleased to present the silver two year service pin to Orion and Scott.  Neither of them remember having volunteered for two years, but the Space Center has a glut of silver pins and needs to get rid of them asap. 

Honestly, both young men are constant reliable assets to the Space Center. The Force is truly strong with these two.  

The real shocker came when Mr. Porter produced two purple Actor's Guild shirts and presented them to Lissa and Lindsay, co-directors of the newly resurrected Actor's Guild. There were audible gasps heard in the audience as the shy, reclusive shirts were coaxed out from behind the desk. Everyone thought the purple Actor's Guild shirts had gone extinct. Finding two of them in the wild, and in excellent health, was a miracle.   Both Lissa and Lindsey promised Mr. Porter they would properly care for these endangered shirts.  

Congratulations Lissa and Lindsay.  We hope soon there will be many many new purple shirts roaming freely about the Space Center.  

The Imaginarium

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