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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Megan Warner Visits for Surprise Inspection. Renaissance Academy's Phoenix Gray Squadron Survives Round One. The Imaginarium.

Former Space Center Director Returns for Random Inspection

Former Space Center Director Megan Warner returned to Utah from her extended stay on board the USS California last month. Although many believable reasons were given for the surprise visit, everyone knew the real reason. Megan wanted to reprise her role as a Federation admiral for Alex Anderson's sensational Silhouette joint mission between the Magellan and the Phoenix.    

Alex organized the special telling of this classic mission for friends.  Only a select handful of pre-screened staff and volunteers were invited to participate. "If this joint mission were a restaurant, we'd have three Michelin stars," Alex said.

Megan didn't disappoint. She was in true form all evening. Just ask the dude in the cowboy hat what he thought of the grilling he received from the sharp edge of the admiral's tongue. The caped captain looked on thoroughly enjoying the dressing down. What he didn't know was that the admiral was saving some of her ire for his appearance. 

Jordan Smith stood ready in the Magellan Control Room for his role as master of the cables.

I've never done this mission so I haven't a clue what it's all about; however I do know the two central character are evil and devious.  

 Stanton Everett is criminally disturbed with illusions of galactic grandeur not reflected in any known pictures of this crime lord. Look at that face. Stanton looks like the kind of guy you'd call to babysit your kids, right?  

Yes, Jon plays the part only too well.  One would suspect Stanton may be his alter ego. 

 Another major character is the president of some minor, third world planet played by former Space Center heart throb Adam Hall.  Megan Vest played his assistant. It was good to see them both once again in one of the simulators. 

The mission went well according to reports from the survivors. Megan has since returned to the California. Word is she's on a mission for Starfleet's Special Branch. We wish her a safe journey and hope to see her again sometime soon.

Mr. Williamson


Renaissance Academy's Phoenix Gray Squadron Nearly Dominates Round One in the 2016 Long Duration Mission

You had to be there to witness for yourself how the Phoenix Gray Squadron nearly dominated their first round mission in this year's LDM. OK, I suppose it is proper that I acknowledge my impartiality may be called into question when it comes to the Phoenix Grays, considering I'm their 6th grade teacher at Renaissance Academy. However, let it also be known that I've got Brittney and Emily watching my every move to ensure complete fairness in scoring.  In fact, right after this mission, both of them cornered me in the hall and gave me a right ear full that's for sure.  Because of this conflict of interest, I'll recuse myself from scoring the Grays. Brittney and Emily will have that honor.  

The Grays are not easily intimidated. They look at danger and laugh. Mayhem is an appetizer. Death is a constant companion. Just look at their reactions above when faced with twelve Borg Cubes and a Death Star. 

Captain Matt and First Officer Wesley spent the first part of the mission figuring out how to get the Magellan out of space dock. It took careful steering on Wesley's part, but in the end they were successful. Sure, we nearly collided with an interior Starbase wall several times - ,but they shook it off as true professionals and went on with the mission. 

Matt and Wesley's calm reaction as the ship came within a hair's width of the Starbase's inner hull
The collision alarms caught Tyler off guard
Wacey and Aaron sure had their work to do at Damage Control. It was those darn C02 scrubbers again

 Despite the delay in getting underway, the crew managed to reach the desired point in the story. Noah was relieved, happy, and sad. He was not ready to return to reality.

 Captain Matt was exhausted at mission's close. He had grown fond of his command chair and asked if he could take it to school. Why would I let one of my students sit in a better chair than the one at my desk? 

 The Phoenix Grays. What a squadron. Not necessarily the smartest when it comes to the proper handling of phaser rifles, but true gentleman, scholars, and good judges of dilithium ore.

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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