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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Meet the Newest Space Center Volunteers. Who Will Rise to Legend Status? The Imaginarium.

Volunteers are the Space Center's Lifeblood.  Conner and Matthew are about to get instructions from Magellan Supervisor Andrew

     Volunteers play an important part in the missions at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. They play the characters in the missions and the ship's doctors.  After they learn the ropes, they can train to help the staff both in the ship and in the control rooms.  
     The majority of paid staff come from the volunteer corps.  It is a volunteer's way of getting a foot in the door which will hopefully, if they work at it, lead to a job: if that is what they're after.  Some students volunteer for the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of Utah Valley's most creative young imagineers.  They want to sharpen their acting skills and learn to perform in front of an audience without having to learn pages and pages of lines. 
     Several new volunteers were recently admitted into the Space Center volunteer organization. They're young and eager. They're talented and show promise. But which one or ones will rise to Legend status? Which ones will become the next supervisors, flight directors, programmers, animators, and possibly - Space Center Directors?   
      Welcome new volunteers!   

Mr. Porter is welcoming Matthew into the volunteering organization.  Matthew is from Herriman and going into the 8th grade. He started volunteering in June.  

Conner is also from Herriman and going into the 8th grade.  He started in June and says the Galileo is his favorite ship.

Three new volunteers poise with Mr. Porter for their official picture.  Ben is on the far left playing the Phoenix ship's doctor the day the photo was taken. Ben is from Pleasant Grove and attends Maeser Academy - going into the 10th grade.  

Connor and Trey are brothers.  They live in Springville.  Connor will be a senior this year and has been volunteering for two weeks. The USS Voyager is his favorite ship (the original Voyager).  

Trey is going into the 8th grade.  Both Connor and Trey's parents flew in the Voyager when they were students back in the day.   

Mr. Porter is standing with Jacob.  Jacob was pulled away from the Odyssey where he was playing the doctor.  

Alexis was a brand new volunteer the day the photo was taken.  She was doing the job of Galileo 2nd Chair.  She attends Oak Canyon and is going into the 9th grade.  

Thank you volunteers for all you do to make the Space Center the 2nd Happiest Place on Earth!

The Imaginarium

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