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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Space Center Announces Two New Flight Directors, Equally Talented - One Slightly Taller. New Trophies For the Summer Honors. Theater Imaginarium

Andrew McCord Draped in the Midnight Blue

     Mr. James Porter is pleased to welcome two long time Space Center supervisory staff into the august and exclusive Benevolent Order of Flight Directors.  With the announcement came the draping of colors - where each inductee was formally presented with his midnight blue shirt of rank; and with the shirt came the privileges of rank. 

Jake Hadfield With His Midnight Blues
    Both Andrew and Jake stepped right into the job and began flying Galileo missions.  This, in addition to their work as Magellan supervisors.  For Jake, the promotion will be short lived. In a month or two, Jake will be leaving for an LDS mission to Poland.  Thankfully Andrew will continue at the Space Center primarily helping with school field trips.  

Jake showing how it's done flying the Galileo solo
      I watched Jake fly the Galileo out of curiosity.  Could he muster the words and emotions to carry a mission?  You see, I was convinced Jake had Vulcan blood.  I teased him about it regularly. I knew Jake to be someone who spoke only when necessary, and then with the fewest words needed to make his point or deliver information.  I was told the current Jake is not the original Jake I knew when I was center director.  
     Curiously I watched as he flew.  I'm happy to report that Jake Hadfield is not the shy, quiet young teenager I knew.  He handled the mission expertly.  He has been well trained, an asset to the Order.  
     Andrew would never be mistaken as part Vulcan.  He is talented and suited for the job. 
     Welcome to the Benevolent Order of Flight Directors Andrew and Jake. Enjoy the executive wash room with scented towels and refreshing scents.  Enjoy the executive canteen, still using plastic cutlery, but of a thicker grade of plastic and two ply napkins.  Wear your midnight blues proudly, knowing that you've earned the respect of your peers in the Order and the admiration of those still dreaming of someday getting their midnight blues.  

Mr. W. 

New Honor's Trophies

     I know him as Tyler. Tyler is an adult volunteer at the Space Center. He's caught the vision and comes in whenever his busy schedule allows.  He looks for ways he can help Mr. Porter succeed. The staff love him, the other volunteers look up to him.  He's a great guy. 

Tyler playing a Klingon in this summer's Darmok Trials

     Tyler noticed a need at a recent Honor's Nights and took it upon himself to supply that need out of his own pocket - a donation to the Space Center.  One recent afternoon, Tyler walked into Mr. Porter's office with new trophies in hand for the end of summer Honor's Night.  The trophies are beautiful as you can see from the reaction of the flight directing staff. 

Nicole, Jon, and Erin Dream of the next Honor's Night where they could earn one of these new trophies.

     The first trophy ever given at any after camp staff meeting and Honor's Night was the Stephen Porter Trophy pictured below.

     Stephen found this gem at Deseret Industries fifteen years ago.  Up until now, it was our Lord of the Votes Trophy. What will become of it now?  Mr. James Porter assures me it will still be used in some capacity.  Its many years of service guarantee it a place of honor in any Space Center Honor's function.  
     Missing from the Porter Trophy is the Lord of the Votes scroll.  The last one disappeared a few years back.  It would be good to see a new one in it's place.  

Theater Imaginarium


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