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Monday, August 1, 2016

Urgent Job Openings: Simulator Flight Directors / Coding / Robotics Job Openings In the Provo School District. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Community,

InfiniD will have a computer lab modular simulator at Provo Peaks Elementary School this school year. The school needs two flight directors. The primary flight director will also teach a beginning coding class to the elementary students. If you're interested, please apply ASAP and let me know so I can ask Skyler Carr to put in a good word for you. The description is below.  You can reach me at 

The Provo District is having a difficult time filling the CTE teaching slot as well at Centennial Middle School. Please read the descriptions below. They want the positions filled by August 9.  Contact the people mentioned to apply.

Mr. Williamson

The new Provo Peaks Elementary School in Provo


These will be at the new simulators opening at Provo Peaks. The first will be running point for the program and when not running flights they will be teaching the intro coding class to the younger grades. The second will be their assistant for flights and will likely be in charge of flying the second ship. Starting pay is about $12/hr.

Flight Director and Beginning Coding Teacher (20+ hours per week):

Are you confused about an InfiniD lab simulator?  Watch this short video below.

TEACHING POSITIONS (Message from Science Director in Provo School District - Position at Centennial Middle School)

We need to fill these positions as soon as possible and I am ready and willing to help the people we hire to be successful. Please share this information with any and all you think might be interested. These teachers will be working within one of the best/supportive administrative teams I have every worked with.

One-Year/full-time CTE Business/Keyboarding Teacher:
Full salary and benefits 

Teacher needed to help students develop keyboarding and business computer skills in order to prepare for college and career tasks. Keyboarding class focuses on word processing, data entry, and spreadsheet manipulation tasks. Business class is a highly collaborative course, working with a team of four teachers in two different areas of emphasis. Class focuses on career choices, educational preparation, and life skills.

Full-Time CTE Robotics/Tech/STEM Teacher:
Full salary and benefits 

Teacher needed to help students develop skills and acquire knowledge in areas of exploring technology, robotics, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Teacher would use robotic supplies to help students construct robots to learn to solve real-world problems and develop skills with this technology. Exploring technology class is highly collaborative, working on a team of four teachers in order to teach students to learn to use various technologies to solve problems. STEM class will be team-taught with a science teacher who is developing a STEM curriculum to introduce students to the use of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in concert to address real-world problems.

We will work with you on credentialing and any other needs or concerns you have.

Both positions start at $34,500/year salary with full benefits. Additional industry and/or educational experience will be considered to possibly increase starting salary.

Interested parties may contact:
Kyle Bates at or by phone at 801.669.2619 or 
Jared Ferguson at or by phone at 801.362.6308.
Please contact us ASAP if interested. Both positions start August 9th.

The Imaginarium

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