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Sunday, August 21, 2016

See Renaissance Academy's New USS Voyager in Action. Pictures and Video. Theater Imaginarium.

USS Voyager Test Mission. August 18

     Renaissance Academy's USS Voyager simulator is undergoing test missions to determine whether or not the starship is space worthy. Two shakedown missions were held last week.  The first was of particular interest because of the crew's age.  Up until now, older teens and adults composed the test crews. Fifth and sixth graders made up Thursday's crew. We like to test our missions on students in those grades because they are the focus for our missions.  We can simplify a mission for younger audiences if necessary. Complicating a mission with more story elements and restricting help is how we compensate for older groups.    

     Alex DeBirk was the flight director assisted by Isaac, Spencer, and Drake. Isaac's younger brother played the character role.  There were a few hiccups. Midpoint through the mission the system crashed. The crew didn't know thanks to the Voyager's well trained staff. Isaac jumped into gear and got the problem resolved in a couple minutes.  We think we figured out the cause.
     2FX (second chair to those not familiar with Voyager vocabulary) is challenging. Spencer's face tells it all.  We are wondering how to lighten the 2FX's load.  He is responsible for second stories, handling all bridge communication calls, tracking the complicated damage control system, keeping the crew busy on the bridge, playing the computer for the ship's engineering room and sick bay, and directing the actors.   

The crew adapted well to the environment and got right into the mission.

Isaac's little brother was fantastic in his role.  Here he is hiding and scared in the Voyager's Sick Bay.

     Voyager Security stayed with him.  This little security guard had his phaser ready for any development.  Multiple areas makes the new USS Voyager unique among its sister ships.  It has a bridge, briefing room, sick bay, engineering, transition room, brig, and a couple nice hallways.   These multiple areas remind us why the original USS Voyager at the Christa McAluiffe Space Education Center was so successful and loved by staff and crew alike.    

     Security felt uneasy having the ship's young alien visitor so far removed from the bridge. He moved him to Brig / Containment right off the bridge.  The captain approved. He could question the youngling while still being within earshot of the ship's nerve center. 
     A few more test missions are scheduled.  The Voyager's maiden voyage will be scheduled if the ship receives its space license from Fleet Command. Renaissance Academy students will then sign up for their Long Duration Missions and the USS Voyager will take to the skies once again.  
     Don't forget to book your private mission on the Voyager. Watch for news on how and when right here on The Troubadour.

Mr. Williamson 

Watch the Young Test Crew in Action

Imaginarium Theater

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