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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Voyager Club's Final Long Duration Mission Round. Bring the Old Whiteboard Back! Huge Imaginarium.

The Final Round of the Long Duration Mission Starts in September

     The 2015-2016 Voyager Club's final Long Duration Mission round will start September 3rd on the USS Magellan at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Pleasant Grove.  The six squadrons' crews can check their mission dates on the LDM's spreadsheet accessible through the link in this blog's right sidebar.  The round will end with the last mission on October 8.  Voyagers, get your mission's date on your family calendar and let your squad captain know you're available to fly. Contact me if you can't attend your mission. We may be able to squeeze you into another squad's flight.  
     Sadly, Connor Larsen won't be our flight director for the final round. He is on an LDS mission. I've asked if he could be released for the occasion but my request fell on deaf ears. It seems what he is doing is more important!  However, we are LUCKY to have the great and powerful Jon Parker as our final flight director. Jon is the Asst. Director of the Space Center. He's flown more missions than anyone currently on staff. 
     Voyagers, I'll see you soon on your final mission.  

Mr. Williamson

What, the White Board Signs Weren't Good Enough?

     Back in my day we used whiteboard signs to give information and directions at the Space Center. Setup was quick and easy. Changing the message was not a problem. It was as simple as wipe and rewrite.  Sure, the handwriting could be problematic; not to mention the regular accidental and purposeful erasers. But the whiteboard signs were somewhat inexpensive, portable, and eye catching if you had the full array of whiteboard markers and a good eye and hand for graphics.

      Last week I saw the whiteboard sign's replacement in Central School's foyer.  So the whiteboards weren't good enough?  Leave it to Mr. Porter to once again tech up the Space Center with all these fancy gadgets like flat screen TV's etc.  Sure it's eye catching, but think of the message you're sending.  Do we want our students to think technology holds the answer to many of our world's problems?  Isn't this screen just another gadget to stare at?  
     Perhaps we need to start a petition to bring back the old, weathered, wobbly, crooked whiteboard lobby sign. 
     What's the word I'm looking for.......... Tradition!  That's it!  

 The Imaginarium



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