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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bracken Funk Opens the Creatorium ???!

Bracken Funk,

Well folks,
the Center for so long has seemed so... soo undeparmentalized. That's not entirely true- the imaginarium just has a lot more time to advertise themselves. The rest of us, of course, are doing the real work.

My name is Bracken Funk, I am the department chair of the Creatorium. I know what your all thinking, it's something along the lines of fire, and ashes, but that's just the irony of it- we don't destroy, we create. Our job is to take what the imaginarium puts out, and get rid of it's fluff, and make it usable here at the space center. For instance, please look at this picture put out several days ago by the imaginarium.

Now obviously imaginative, and very intriguing, but- all they did was imagine it. Our job is to actually "Develope" it. So, that includes a background story, information, name, height, weight, and what exactly this thing is, and the story involved with this scene that you are looking at. We are looking for recruits, and need some stories. We'll evaluate, and if your story is good enough, we'll bring you on in our department.

Yes folks, we are the ones that run the shows, we make the cuts, we right the stories, we create the videos. We run this place. Now that we've got our staff full of competent people, I have a little time to get our little department some advertisement.

Now, all of you creative minds out there- get me a story by tomorrow- you can send all messages to the Space Center and they'll be forwarded to us. Someone from the Creatorium will respond soon after your message is received with our evaluation of your work.

Good Writing

Bracken Funk
Space Center FD
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