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Friday, April 2, 2010

Mr. Schuler Answers Your Questions (re. History)

Hi all,

I will be out of town for Spring Break so it will be a week or so before the next installment of the Space Center's early history. I have sent a few video capture photos of the Space Center during its first year of operation. I have quite a bit more media that I will be posting later. Some of you had questions
  1. As far as Kyle Herring's fears and phobias concerning the Space Center, You need to ask him personally about how his exposure to the Space Center warped him.
  2. In 1990 Mark Daymont wrote the first adult mission. In 1991 Mark was not directly involved with the the Space Center on a regular basis. He would come down to work on an overnight mission, from time to time. In 1992 Mark and I went on the Space Center Payroll. I was the classroom teacher and Mark took the planetarium out to all of the schools that would be doing missions. About a week to 10 days out he would go to the school do a planetarium show and brief the classes on the mission they would do. This involved traveling all over the state (that will be the subject of a future installment).
  3. Since opening the Voyager has always had 2 decks.
More coming in the future.

Bill Schuler
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