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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Advancements from the Front Lines.

Hello Troops,
The Space Center is engaged in a war against Imagination's foes. Recently we took advantage of a lull in battle to award advancements to several of our front line troops. Each honoree was given a two day pass for a little rest and relaxation in beautiful Pleasant Grove. Their liberty pass included a hot shower, hot meal, shave and a clean uniform.

This is Sub Private Connor Jones receiving his Year of Service Pin. Connor's excitement isn't reflected in his vacant expression. After one year on the front, Connor is showing signs of shell shock and fatigue. Our medical staff recommend a leave of absence. Connor would hear none of it. He left our underground bunker right after receiving his pin, determined to get back to his unit. Jon stopped him at the door to the outside world.

"Here Connor, take the overnight camp's left overs."

Connor was grateful. He opened the hatch to the outside world beyond the Space Center's Command Bunker. The sound of distant explosions, accompanied by bright flashes of light filled the foyer. He fastened his helmet, took a deep breath of our heavily filtered air, and stepped out into the smoke and dust. Jon resealed the hatch and returned to the war room to make plans for our next offensive.

Private Hailey Hadley received her Year Pin at the same ceremony. Hailey works in Intelligence, and dreams of serving as a Unit Commander. Courtesy laughing at Mr. Williamson's often repeated jokes is one way she hopes to be noticed and move ahead. Everyone knows that laughing at anything Mr. Williamson says is required if one wants to be promoted.

Abram is receiving a Battle Field Promotion to Commander (notice the blue shirt in Mr. Williamson's hand). Abram distinguishes himself on the front, leading charge after charge against ignorance's formidable forces. We have high hopes for Abram.

Lt. Matt Ricks received his Year Pin. Lt. Ricks is in charge of technology. He originally signed up for front line duty. He was brought back to Headquarters in a delirious and disoriented state after two days on the Front. Paranoia took root in his mind, a common occurrence caused by taking enemy fire from all directions. He still has trust issues - as seen above.

Andrew received his Voyager Pin. Some on our staff think he may be a secret KAOS agent, embedded here at Headquarters and entrusted with a mission to stop Imagination's Forces and deliver the world to Ignorance and mental poverty. I have yet to see evidence of that. Although I do recall he refused to shake my hand at the ceremony. He seemed rather pleased with himself.

Private Caitlynn is confused. Commander Devin even more so. Caitlynn wonders why Devin is taking so long to fasten the pin. Devin has a slight problem with dexterity, as his platoon discovered the first time he tried to throw a grenade. The grenade landed at his feet. He panicked and kicked it towards his comrades in the bunker. Thankfully someone picked the grenade up and threw it out of the bunker, into the open field.

Devin was transferred to Headquarters.

Five minutes and several of Mr. Williamson's jokes later, the pin was attached without drawing blood. Caitlynn was gratefully for small blessings.

Dave Daymont, Phoenix Set Director, is seen giving Hayley Warner her Phoenix Pin.
Hayley is working hard to become a Phoenix Flight Director. Until then, its back into her camouflage and a ticket back to the front lines.

Private Michaela receiving her Galileo Pin from Set Director Stacy. Michaela is yet to spend time on the front. Stacy knew this and managed to muster a reassuring smile, knowing all too well what awaited this poor new recruit.

Private Nabil received his Galileo Pin. Nabil is an excellent double agent. He is the boy of many faces. One minute he passes for one of Imagination's top soldiers, but when needed, he can look as blank and lifeless as anyone living behind enemy lines.

And finally Aliah. Private Aliah received her Galileo Pin from Stacy during one of September's Overnight Camps. She accepted the award on behalf of her squadron.

"My unit is fighting scientific illiteracy at this very moment." She spoke fondly of her friends. "I accept this award for them."

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