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Sunday, October 2, 2011

We are In the Groove, and Other Things.

This is for Emily and Wyatt. We had an interesting discussion about music and musical tastes after the Saturday private missions at the Space Center. Many of you like to stand around my desk and listen to these discussions / debates. You all know I'm usually right, and when it seems like I'm on the precipice of being proven wrong, I can always use the ultimate logic (above). If that fails, the time cards and an eraser are always within arm's reach.

Hello Troops,
We are well into our school year operations. I think I can officially claim that we are "In the Groove". That means things are running like clockwork. The daytime staff know where to be, when to be and who to be at all times during the four hour experience. There are a few odds and ends being polished, like new tactical screens for the smaller simulators. Stacy works nearly every day creating ship specific tactical screens for each of our five field trip missions. Her tacticals will improve our mission's appearance, thus a more professional look.

We ran our last Summer Camp Friday evening. The Summer Camp season of 2011 is officially over! We survived. In fact, we did more than survive. This was our best summer ever in regards to attendees. We beat last year's attendance by nearly 230 people, landing on our feet with 3,227 summer campers, defined as anyone who attended a mission lasting 2 hours or more. I don't know our total earnings. That will be calculate after the September payroll is processed. A big Thank You to our staff and volunteers. A bigger Thank You to all of you kind readers that came to one of our camps.

Lindon Elementary's 5th Graders open the school year season with this weekend's Overnight Camp. Lindon Elementary has always been one of the Space Center's top schools. Their 5th and 6th grades attend field trips in addition to the three Overnight Camp weekends the book. Only Sego Lily Elementary does more. Thanks Lindon.

This year we bring Christine and Megan on board as classroom presenters, assisting Lorriane and Aleta with the classroom lessons. Abram A. is helping in the Voyager. Andrew M., Devin S. and Matt R. are our high school A day interns. We are always looking for high school interns. If you are a junior or senior and have an extra period or two I encourage you to intern at the Space Center. Call me for additional information.

May I share a personal note? I achieved one of my life's minor goals this week. I write a family history blog ( in addition to The Troubadour. I started American Dynasty to record my aging parent's stories and memories before time or senility takes them. I'm also publishing our family's old photographs with correct identification and anecdotes. Each post is another thread in the fabric of who we are and where we came from.

One of my goals was to find our family in Sweden. My GGrandmother Ida emigrated from Sweden at the turn of the century. She left her parents, brothers and sisters behind. Her youngest sister Hilma wrote to her from neutral Sweden during World War II asking for coffee. I found the letter in one of the boxes of old photos. Based on what Hilma had written, I knew we had close relatives in Sweden. My goal was to find them.

Success! Last week I found my mother's two first cousins, once removed, alive and well living in a small northern Swedish village bordering Finland. Rolf is 73 years old. I'm not sure of his sister Astrid's age.

Correspondents flew back and forth across the Atlantic all week. There are many stories to tell and many posts to write detailing their story from the point where Ida left Sweden at the turn of the Century. Of course you know a trip to Sweden will be next.

My next goal is to find my father's first cousins once removed, along with 2nd and 3rd cousins living in northern Italy. They hide well and Vercellino is a fairly common name in the Torino region. Finding them is proving to be a formidable challenge. I'll keep you posted.

And now, how about a few things from the Imaginarium........

There is something not quite right with this slide. I'm having trouble putting my finger on it. It may be best to walk away form the slide right now. Just walk away.....

What a question to throw at an adult. I think little Victor would be amazed at what I did with his love of Star Trek. He would think I've got the coolest job in the universe. So, remind me of that the next time you hear me complain (which I don't do that often and only when I'm at my Rope's End. Rope's End is the last stop on the mental tram before reaching the terminus at Blubbering Idiocy).

Great sign for my front yard. Imagination at its best yet once again.
Hey, a perfect Christmas gift. Where can I buy one?

Behind every young anarchist stands a good mother.
"Stay out of trouble. Call if you need me to make bail. Go get 'em sweetheart.
Make mommy proud."

OK, many of you are just now entering the work or volunteer force. This is a good representation of how things really are. Thinking of the Space Center's organization, where are you and who's droppings are you shouldering :)

Brilliant use of imagination and creativity. Above and below! By the way, that's a window in the lower picture. You see what happens when you break out of the mold and think outside the box.

Agreed 100%.

X marks the Spot Mattie!
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