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Friday, October 14, 2011

And Yet, Another Overnight Camp with Lindon.

Hello Troops,
You old timers take note. My nephew Brayden Bodily married today. Brayden was a volunteer at the Space Center several years ago, which is why I asked our old retired staff and volunteers to take note.

Please brace yourself in case a spell of lightheadedness overcomes you after reading the following sentence. I attended the ceremony and luncheon.

Shocking isn't it? I left the Space Center's field trip from Sego Lily Elementary in the capable hands of Lorraine, Aleta, Jon, Megan, Christine, Stacy and a slew of others. Upon my return I was told my absence was hardly noticed.

"Take more time off," Lorraine suggested.

I feel there is a hidden message in their eagerness to see me take personal leave. I haven't put my finger on it, but I'm feeling uneasy. This paranoia may be the result of a partially digested piece of stale wedding cake forced upon me at the reception this evening, or something more sinister. I'm considering going to bed with one of the baseball bats I keep under my desk. I'm already good at sleeping with one eye closed and the other partially open.

We have another group of students from Lindon Elementary on our Overnight Camp this evening. A Great Group would be a more fitting adjective. They are awesome, just not many of them. We are using the Phoenix, Odyssey and Galileo. Magellan and Voyager are at rest this camp.

I'm falling asleep at my desk so I'd better call this post and publish. Here's to a good staff and crew. Here's to Brayden and his new Bride Jessica - May they live long and prosper. And here's to all of you that come to the Space Center on a regular basis. Your business is our life blood and we sincerely appreciate it.

Mr. Williamson
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