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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here I Am, Waiting Out Parent Teacher Conferences.

Hello Troops,
You may not agree, but this cold rainy weather really brightens my mood. Day after day of unrelenting sunshine and warm temperatures take their toll on people like me who enjoy a bit of variety in their weather.

It is 6:34 P.M. I'm at my desk, putting in my parent teacher conference time. Did you know I still teach the advanced 6th grade math class every morning before the field trips arrive? So, I sit here twice a year waiting for parents to come by and talk about their gifted young mathematicians. I sit, and sit, and sit....... and sit. I usually see one or two parents. The rest pretty much know how their kids are doing (I send home regular progress reports etc). I'm really not bothered if they don't stop in. I'd only have good things to say about their kids anyway. Besides, it gives me time to work on other projects, like writing this and boring you.

So, what's happening right now at the Space Center? Stacy (Galileo Set Director) is sitting to my left working on something diabolical. Kyle (Maintenance) is in the Voyager hallway removing the extra ladder leading to the Captain's Lounge Loft. Dave (Phoenix) just finished a private mission. Christine (Odyssey) is running a five hour mission and the odd child pokes his or her head around the corner to say hello.

I can't think of anything of interest at the moment other to say that I can go home in 43 minutes. How about a few items from the Imaginarium?

Inside every small body likes a great spirit.

Fantastic! You gotta love the artful application of imagination in this door sign.

Toy Story taken to the next level. This is film I'd like to see.

Finally, a snapshot of the young Godzilla with his friends. He lived a happy, carefree, misunderstood life, until.

Who knew back then that these same happy children would grow up and turn on their cuddly little friend, leaving him no choice but to lay waste their cities and remove them prematurely from this life without remorse?

Lindon Elementary's Overnight Camp tomorrow night, our first official OV camp for the school year season!

Mr. W.
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