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Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Great Group from Barratt Elementary

Hello Troops,
This is my weekly telegram from the front.
Tonight we are hosting our second Overnight Camp with students from Barratt Elementary School in American Fork.

I see smiles on the faces of the staff and volunteers. Smiles are a good thing. They tell me the staff and volunteers are enjoying themselves. This kind of job satisfaction comes from various sources.

  1. I've given them a hefty raise, which didn't happen. I don't set the pay rates - the school district does. The money they get from here will barely cover a couple gallons of gas, a Big Chill and an apple fritter.
  2. They've recently received a promotion. Which didn't happen.
  3. They see me in an uncharacteristically jovial, jolly and fanciful mood, which is highly unlikely for an Overnight Camp. Ask anyone that works at the Space Center. They will tell you that Mr. Williamson is at his most unapproachable self on an Overnight Camp.
  4. This leaves the campers from Barratt Elementary as the source of the staff and volunteer's happiness. Once again, we have awesome kids from Barratt - a tribute to their upbringing. I will also add that they attend a great school with superb teachers like Mrs. Leinweber. Karen and I taught together for a few years - a couple decades ago here at Central.

Now, enough said for tonight. The staff sleeping in the Odyssey are on the verge of being classified "Out of Control". I take action when my patience needle spans the dial and parks in the "Out of Control" section. It's almost there.

Mr. W.

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